Series 2 of Cards to be Released in April, Preview at BAP

Enterplay, licenser of the collectible FiM trading cards, has announced via Equestria Daily the upcoming second series of cards.

What we know for sure is that there will be promos, the same types of cards as before (events, characters, standees, promos, etc) and feature information from all three seasons. Hopefully they’ll copy edit well enough so that they don’t have as many errors in the first run as they did with the first series.

The retail release will be in April, though the exact date they hit your local retailer depends on ho often they restock the cards. Just like last time, they’ll do a “preview” sale at a convention, this time at Purple Tinker’s Big Apple Ponycon in New York City on March 23.

It also seems that Enterplay is taking suggestions as to what they’re going to include, so you can leave feedback on their Facebook page.

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