Sherilyn Connely of SFWeekly, the San Fran based publication that was producing Season 1 & 2 episode reviews (and I’m sure Season 3) has just released an interview with MLP:FiM composer Daniel Ingram. They also talk about the upcoming Littlest Pet Shop which Ingram is also composing for. Here is a quote on the first Q&A:

Compared to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, is there a difference in your approach when you’re writing for a show like Littlest Pet Shop which — talking animals and cartoon physics notwithstanding — is set in the real world?

I definitely consider all of these factors while coming up with the musical sound for a show. Because Littlest Pet Shop is grounded in a real-world setting, it makes more sense (particularly because it’s an urban setting) to use a modern style of music, or have more pop influences, and have more cultural influences come into the musical style. You can hear that in the theme song. Whereas on My Little Pony, which is set in a fantasy world, Will Anderson has created this beautiful sonic world with his orchestral score, and I’m trying to bridge the songs into that world so they don’t stand out. I think the songs in My Little Pony would sound out of place in Littlest Pet Shop and vice versa.

The full article can be read here on SFWeekly.

  • Scootaleo

    Thanks for posting this, I have a feeling Mr Ingram’s work will be what keeps me coming back. I haven’t seen anything from SFWeekly in a long time.