So, my memory is failing me and I don’t remember there being a post about this, or a picture of the shirts being in the store, if it has been posted and it’s super slowpoke day for this wall repairing putty then my apologies. Still, it’s important. So I’ll deal with it
  • Anonymous

    >hot topic
    >invader zim shirts right next to the mlp shirts

    Jesus christ I hate hot topic

  • Spazz

    I thought these had been around for months.

  • plaster

    Well maybe if you would have responded to my email we wouldn't be here right now, would we?

  • Pacce

    Yay, money for the show!

  • Lethallin

    I wonder if MS ever resolved the issue with them using one of his designs.

  • Anonymous

    He did, Lethallin.

  • Mint Mocha

    Cringe all you like, I'd buy the Invader Zim shirt along with the MLP:FIM shirt.
    And is that Adventure Time in the upper right corner of the picture? Awesome!

  • Anonymous

    >invader zim and adventure time shirts
    Holy shit who buys this poop?

    >mlp shirts not subtle at all
    Yeah have fun wearing those in public, scum of the earth. (The 20% looks nice but I don't like "20% cooler").

  • Anonymous

    What's wrong with Zim? That show was great. I wish Jhohen Vasquez would do his JTHM series animated for HBO or Showtime.

  • Anonymous

    I only like subtle MLP shirts.