ilona-the-sinister sent this one in. It’s a Silver Spoon brushable playful pony.

She’s the first in G4 to have white hair, which is a color that’s not used very often in MLP.

She’s of the same size and style as the Diamond Tiara brushable that’s coming out this summer.

When and where Silver Spoon will be available is unknown.


tumblr_mp25lx3jJH1qlyh7oo1_500Seems that Peppermint Twist has a prototype as well!

Thanks to SoSilver for this image.


  • Jody Morgan

    I love Twist, but no glasses, no sale.

    • Anonymous

      Same. Glasses for both or no dice.

    • Manic

      I’d imagine they’d have glasses as an accessory.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s an official toy, it would probably be Twist-a-loo, not Peppermint Twist.

  • David

    Silver Spoon is one of my favorite [quasi-] background ponies, so I’m happy to see her getting any attention. But I agree with the others: no glasses, no deal.

  • Sean

    Just need to make one for Filthy Rich and I can die happy.