417 – “Somepony To Watch Over Me”

Written by Scott Sonneborn
“Is Apple Bloom really grown up enough to take care of the farm all by herself? She certainly thinks so — and that’s exactly what she does when Granny Smith, Big Mac, and Applejack all have to leave Ponyville for the day. Unfortunately, a series of unfortunate events makes Apple Bloom even more eager to prove how grown up she is — which is how the poor pony find herself in a scary swamp all alone, with only a delivery cart to keep her company.”
DN Rating: TBA

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  • This was a bit of a world-building episode, opening a door for Apple Bloom to have more freedom and responsibility… something I thought she and her friends already had, seeing as they rarely seem to be supervised. The chimera was nice. The song was probably horrid on purpose, as a tease to the song-crazy fans. It’ll probably get remixed anyway. And the trailer park Cajuns? I…. dunno.