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The new episode apparently leaked today.  That’s the long and short of it.  There have been screenshots posted on 4chan; catch a collection below the break.  I don’t feel the need to mention that this constitutes spoilers.


For those of you wondering, yes, they’re legit.  Don’t ask how I know.


Editors Update

We were attempting to not ruin episode day, but people have snooped out the episode which was leaked via The Hub today. In general the online episode that appears on Monday is apparently uploaded before the episode actually airs, typically with a date stamp for when it should be posted. Someone derp’d and uploaded it without this date stamp. We didn’t plan on posting it due to getting people fired, cause that isn’t cool, but the link is now being circulated around.

S3E07 – Wonderbolt Academy – SPOILER WARNING

Enjoy folks.

– DerpySquad

  • Providence

    The whole episode was leaked, or just the screenshots?

  • Beth


  • shibbidge

    Prepare yourselves, for the great pandering shitstorm of our time

    • Anonymous

      yep, give us about another month and we will have successfully ran that word straight into the Earth’s core

  • Anon

    Man, this is just like basic training. Having the instructors walk around in their blues and yelling in your face. Ah, those were the times.

  • Me

    Spoiler link doesn’t work :'(

    • Doc

      Right-Click, Save As. It’s a direct link to the video file.

  • sailoryue

    i love how Spitfire still has bedroom eyes even when being all drill seargenty xD

  • Applepie

    Just wait until the Swedish Spitfire dub.

  • SecondVoltage

    OMG! Cloudchaser and Snowflake! Woooohoooo! ^_^

  • Anonymous

    it was an okay ep

  • muffin mare

    Rather them leak next week’s ( Dec 22nd) episode. Not only will it be the day after the “Mayan end of the world”, I’ll be stuck at my relatives with no wifi, no high speed and a win95 computer –so, it might as well be the end of the world.

    • Ponichaeism

      Could be worse.

      It could be Windows ME.

  • I take it no Derpy again?.. Damn lousy over protective whiny people who shouldn’t have kids parents =/

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