Vote Celestia by ~Equestria-Election

Meh, much like the New York Times, lets try this a second time.

I had said WeLoveFine, looooong day obviously but the site in question is SpreadyShirt and not WeLoveFine.

Someone is currently selling OBEY t-shirts which holds the artwork of Equestria-Election, who made all the “Obama” style posters that are oh so familiar in this fanbase.

The site has been contacted about this issue but no response in the past 4 days. The person in question “RainbowDash” is using this artwork for the shirt, which is not authorized by Equestria-Election. Spread the word around.

The shirt on SpreadShirt is found here.

Equestria-Elections deviantart account can be found here.

  • As a correction: the website in question is Spreadshirt, not WeLoveFine.

    • It has been corrected. I’m guessing this is like zazzle. Starting to get all New York Times up in here.