Stained Glass Windows

This has been the general conversation yesterday, but if you didn’t catch any of the conversation, here’s your report on it.  Besides Season 2 screens, we have picked apart the pictures to reveal what little information we can, because that’s what fans do.  Nothing is confirmed, we’ll only know when the episode airs.  All aboard the rambling train….

The other “high res” picture that was found shows the mane cast in the throne room.  Besides massive eye candy, there really isn’t much here.  S2E1 is going to be filled with eye candy, as we’ve seen very little of Canterlot, minus exterior shots and a few interior.
There’s one thing I did notice about this picture (well, two).  First of course are the windows.  At a quick glance its obvious, left window is Luna, right window is Celestia.  But the designs are backwards.  The left window with Luna colors is showing a sun with planets, shining down on the globe of equestria.  The right window has four phases of the moon and several stars.
Does it have meaning, or just an animation error.

And now, your stain glass windows.
I. Discord (?)
The first is assumed to be Discord, who is or at least was a dragon like creature.  We know from the episode description that he has been trapped in stone, thus we do not know what he will look like when he is reborn.

II. The Two Sisters

Since we know that Discord was banished, this obviously is showing us the event, and that Luna & Celestia put him in the stone.  Some have question if its Discord, since its a white dragon, but he is being turned to stone (and design wise matches his own window).

III.  The Elements of Harmony
Nothing really to see here, its obviously the mane 6 banishing Nightmare Moon, though it could have a totally opposite meaning.

IV.  The Puppet Master
And then probably the most interesting of them all.  Shows what appears to be Discord acting as a puppet master to three ponies.  It could mean minions, or that he will take control of three of the mane cast.

My Own Crackpot Theory:  So Discord was at one time a dragon like creature, powerful enough that it required two alicorns to trap him in stone.  We are also aware that these first two episodes of S2 are actually the last two from S1, and a two parter.  I predict the classic cartoon plot that when Discord escapes, he will be weak.  He will then have to feed to regain his power.  This is where “Grey Dash” comes into play, as we know the Elements of Harmony are basically magical energy.

Place your bets, I’ve had enough neckbearding for one night.

Feel free to burn down the comment section.

  • Grez

    That's exactly what I was thinking, though I didn't get much more than a cursory glance and didn't notice the puppet master window.
    If only time would speed up 9 days, 1 hour, 37 minutes and 55 seconds.

  • Anonymous

    I think it'll go more along the line of the CMC stumbling upon Discord's rock/tomb/thing and accidentally releasing him, then he'll control them into tricking some of the main cast into his control/power regeneration.

  • Anonymous

    I like the puppet master image the most! It reminds me of the Devil Arcanum in most major Tarot Decks