Statistics Are Magic

The State of the Herd Report of 2014 has been released, and Coder also supplied us with some highlights!


  1. Males are down to 81% of the fandom, continuing a trend of more female Bronies
  2. Mean Brony age rose 8 months between 2013 and 2014 to 20.88 years
  3. Russia is now the #4 country of Brony residence, and US Bronies now make up only 58% of the Herd
  4. Utah has the most Bronies per capita in the US, Mississippi continues to trail the pack
    Median household income for Brony zip codes was $61,578, more than $10,000 over the national median
  5. Bronies identifying as ‘furry’ rose from 17% in 2013 to 21% in 2014
  6. 84% of Bronies identify as exclusively or mainly heterosexual
  7. 45% of Bronies are also Anime fans, 19% are comic book fanatics
  8. 10% of the fandom joined since Season 3 ended
  9. 61% of Bronies approve of Twilight’s alicorn status, but more disliked Equestria Girls than liked it
  10. Half of Bronies use YouTube as their primary means of watching the show, 24% of US Bronies watch mainly via The Hub
  11. More than a third of Bronies purchased a MLP comic book in the last year
  12. Bronies are more open to new experience than the general population and have higher scores on agreeableness, but do not test higher for introversion
  13. Twilight Sparkle continues her domination of Statistically Best Pony, and Luna has moved up into third position. 8 Bronies voted for Tom as best pony. Applejack is again left out of the Statistical Mane 6
  14. Twilight is also the most identified with pony, but Luna is most liked in episodes.
  • Eric

    Poor AJ, always a background pony.

  • Interesting results. I’m the opposite on a lot of this though…

  • Anon


  • Mr.Buttsavage17

    Great report! Next year you need to add the Michael Morones Fund on the donations listing, I donated to that myself. Congratulations Bronies 2014! Our numbers have grown!

  • Erik M.

    I joined the herd somewhere at the airdate of S3 finale, and yeah. I don’t have much knowledge about this reports YET, but I am very happy to be the part of this community! Also, LyraFtw<3!

  • Pinkamena

    Not getting what’s so likable about Luna, but these statistics aren’t bad for us.