Stitch Kingdom on tumblr normally covers Disney news, but they shared some MLP pictures from the NYC Toy Fair. Below are the toys and the supplied info on them.

Blind bag-size miniatures, including a unique mold for Queen Chrysalis, Rarity-mold Lyra, unique mold Octavia and the same mysterious pony from the 2013 Collector’s pack.

More blind bags, including Nightmare Moon, the Manticore, Steven Magnet, unique mold Fluttershy and a tweaked head for Rarity.

RD hat over a RD scarf/hood combo.

A new Enterplay tin? And some other random licensed merch.

Promotional statue.

New sets set up

Deluxe electronic Twilicorn.

  • Ethan


  • Bubblegum

    Is that a bind bag Fluttershy with an actual Fluttershy mold? That certainly took them long enough, considering she is one of the mane characters :P