Styling Fluttershy and Equestria Girls Trixie on Their Way

tumblr_inline_myaz3izsnS1qdgyc5This Fluttershy mold has been floating around for awhile, and we here at Derpy News thought her a fake, mainly because of the fact that her wings are on her butt like a lot of Chinese knock-offs. Turns out she is, in fact, real, in all her awful mold glory. She’s a part of the rainbow power line and is meant for hair styling and accessories. She also comes with a bunny that is a lot more show accurate than previous MLP pets.

Over on the official Equestria Girls site, a newcomer popped up on the toy page. With no image and no more data, all we know is that Trixie is going to get a $24.99 release. Some people managed to copy the item description before it was nuked, and it seems that Trixie will include lots of hair extensions and a double neck guitar to fit in the other musical Equestria Girls dolls.

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