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  • Crystal Gaming Announces Schedule and Winning Prizes
  • OZ Comic Con Announces Paul Abstruse, Agnes Garbowska, & Bobby Curnow (IDW:MLP)
  • Stay Brony My Friends Charity for Episode 71 with Peter New
  • Brony Fund Releases 2013 Tax Forms

Crystal Gaming Announces Schedule and Winning Prizes


The First Round of matches and the Winning Prizes for Crystal Gaming

The registration for Crystal Gaming came to an end almost a week ago, and now the first round of matches have been arranged! During the following weekends, 16 brony teams will be playing against other in a single elimination tournament, which will be streamed live for all of you to watch! You can find the schedule for the matches here!

For those who haven’t heard of Crystal Gaming, it’s a TF2 tournament which started taking shape at the end of 2013, and was announced roughly a month ago. It’s a tournament created for the brony fandom, and established by the same people as the Finnish brony convention, Crystal Fair, which will be held next summer. For more info about the tournament itself, click here.

Like we’ve previously announced, there will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, which are as follow:

1st place:

  • – 6 Conscientious Objectors with custom “1st place winner” graphics
  • – 12 Keys
  • – Prize Donations

2nd place:

  • – 7 Tour of Duty Tickets
  • – 6 Conscientious Objectors with custom “2nd place winner” graphics
  • – 3 Keys

3rd place:

  • – 7 Tour of Duty Tickets

Like mentioned above, the 1st place winning team will get all the items donated to our donation bot! If you want to donate some of your TF2 items for the winning team, you can find our charity bot here!

For more information, click on the links below!

Site: http://gaming.crystalfair.fi
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CFStreaming
Twitch (Stream): http://www.twitch.tv/crystalfairgaming
Our Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/crystalgamingtournament

Community Server IP:
Tournament server IP:

Stats: http://tf2stats.crystalfair.fi/
Donation Bot details: http://steamcommunity.com/id/trading_tf2b0t/

Crystal Fair: www.crystalfair.fi

OZ Comic Con Announces Paul Abstruse, Agnes Garbowska, & Bobby Curnow (IDW:MLP)


Oz Comic-Con Perth & Adelaide which are only just a few short weeks away wishes to announce three guests who have worked on IDW’s My Little Pony comic book series.

The first of these guests is Paul Abstruse, who designed 10 sketch covers for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. 

The second guest is Agnes Garbowska, who has designed artwork for both My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the My Little Pony Micro Series. 

The third guest, who is we believe will be extremely exciting for fans of MLP and the comic book industry, is Bobby Curnow who is the IDW editor of the My Little Pony comic book titles!
All three of these guests will be meeting fans and signing their work in both Perth and Adelaide.
Tickets to the conventions are available now through www.ozcomiccon.com.

Stay Brony My Friends Charity for Episode 71 with Peter New


And another Stay Brony My Friends is in the books. Episode 71 featured friend fo the program Peter New known for Big Macintosh but also Goldie Delicious and many other characters on our favorite show. We talked about may things pony as well as Littlest Pet Shop and his movie and TV parts.

Peter has challenged us to help out the Dickman family, most of you know them as BronyMommy, BronyGranny and the rest of the clan.

Granny had a heart attack last week and has been in the hospital a while, she is talking with her doctors to see about getting valves in her heart fixed! That is some scary stuff right there, but Gran is a tough bird and her Bronies give her the love and backbone she needs to stand up to such scary procedures. The family has already racked up 15,000 dollars in just Co-Pay bills!

She wants to get well enough to attend Everfree Northwest and help with Registration again, I think we can help her attain that goal!Go to http://www.manliestbrony.com/blog/?p=1026 and register on the Manliest Brony website then click the link to donate a few bits to them out in their time of need! This family is one of us, all of them. They have helped bring convention livestreams to you working with Everfree Network at cons all over the country.

For any help 5 bucks or more we have a big pile of MLP swag topped off by a Season one DVD donated by Dave Bryant, who wrote “Pony Tales” and RPG based on MLP. If you like that sort of thing here is a link.

If we crack 500 bits then Peter has put up an autograph card from his GalaCon apearance last year. This has art by the wonderful Pixelkitties and was only available there.
we crack 1000 bits, I’ll kick in a Twilight Sparkle season 2 Foil card from Enterplay AND Peter kicks in an “Are you a Princess too” autograph card from Las Pegasus Unicon which is Pixelkitties art!

We crack 2000 bits? I’ll put up a SDCC Vinyl scratch! We go higher? WE’LL THINK OF MORE!!

So get over to ManliestBrony.com and check out all the great things you can be part of!

And thank you all for your continued support from both Dustykatt and Screwball!

Brony Fund Releases 2013 Tax Forms
  • In 2013, the BTYF took in $62,945 in donations, and distributed $67,708 in program grants to a variety of charitable causes.
  • Total administrative and fundraising costs for the Fund in 2013 were $5,727, largely printing and shipping related
  • Program grants represented 92% of the expenses for the Fund, placing it in the highest tier of efficiency for public charities.
  • Largest Grants were $50,000 to the California Institute of the Arts, $10,478 to the College View School, and $2,516 to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.
  • No member of the board, officer of the corporation, or any other person received any compensation for their services

The Brony Thank You Fund has just sent their 2013 IRS form 990EZ to the US Internal Revenue Service, and is making it available to the general public today. Interested parties can view it at http://bit.ly/1ijxuTv. As opposed to 2012, when the Fund was able to file the “postcard” 990N form, this year the Fund had sufficient income to require the more thorough 990EZ (although not enough, thank Celestia, to require the massive full 990…)

In 2013, the fund actually issued grants for more money than was brought in by donations.  No unicorn magic or fancy mathematics was required to make this occur, we had money in the bank being saved up for the CalArts Scholarship, and that money was included in the funds given out this year (it pretty much emptied our bank account, in fact!)

Printing calendars and posters and shipping them around did cost money, along some minimal office costs. In total, we spent around 8% of the total expenses this year on costs not directly related to program grants. While we’re all like this number to be zero, it still places the fund in very rarified air, as very few charities operate with anything like 92% program efficiency.

Obviously, the Scholarship was our biggest expense, with a series of grants to Amy Keating Roger’s College View School fundraiser next (mostly pass-alongs for the Con Which Shall Not Be Mentioned Relief Auction, where we acted as a proxy for the school.) We also made a significant grant to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute / Jimmy Fund in Kiki’s name.

Our next big thing will be at BABScon in April, where we will be presenting the Big Check to a representative of CalArts at closing ceremonies. We will also be accepting donations there for our continued Dana Farber fundraiser, as well as assisting Bronies for Good with the charity auction item collection. If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to both wear flowers in your hair, and drop by our table to say hi.

  • I <3 Derpy Hooves and I am her biggest fan!