Sunday Morning Comics #12


FoxTrot is a syndicated Sunday comic written and illustrated by Bill Amend and is circulated in 1,200 newspapers worldwide. Yes, I had to go look it up because apparently my regional newspapers don’t carry this one.

The FoxTrot comic centers on the daily lives of the Fox family, composed of father Roger, wife Andy, and their children: Peter, Paige, and Jason, who live together in the same house. Additional minor characters include Jason’s pet iguana, Quincy; Jason’s friend Marcus and classmate, Eileen Jacobson; Paige’s friend Nicole and her classmate Morton Goldthwait; Peter’s girlfriend Denise and his friend Steve; and other friends and classmates of the children and Roger’s co-workers.

As you can see, this week they have done a pony related one for April Fools. And now, your Sunday comics.

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