Bubble Kisses by *Killryde

Happy Mothers Day, remember to give thanks to yer mother if you have one to give thanks to. As usual today is my own day off, and I tell the rest of the staff to do the same, but hopefully we’ll get some news about the My Little Pony Project exhibit that took place yesterday. There’s a ton of pictures but nothing in the terms of news. Sounds like people enjoyed themselves, and the free signing session went off without a hitch, having fans lining the sidewalks outside of the Toy Art Exhibit. If we do not find anything, Electric Brony of The Round Stable actually get to attend, and they plan to have a full on report for everyone on Monday.

  • NinJay

    Those links are pretty screwed up…

    • In what manner, you got the links when you click on the pictures and it brings you to a copy of the comic on the site, then Title / Artist is meant to bring you to their DA account.