Sunday Morning Comics #33

The Mane War
by ~AssasinMonkey

Well it seems the comic makers this week are somewhat busy. Many in the community were sadden by the bow out from Veggie55, who was always good for one or two comics per week during our little comic segment. With it being a holiday weekend and the fact many are returning to their schools and colleges, people are busy in real life. Also a touch of repeated history, a year ago comics were kind of rare with only people like Madmax producing them on a regular bases. Much like the evolution of fanfics from tiny short stories to insanely long series that slap the crap out of Tolkien and Harry Potter page number wise, many people producing comics are going for the multiple page series, which are hard to display without featuring them individually. Either way, when all was said and done I only had 5 comics for this week.

So instead, have a mega post that contains 150+ strips, gathering from the first four months that I’ve been doing this post. All after the page break.

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