Sunday Morning Comics 37

Derpy’s Cutie Mark
by =Anjilasaurus

The above image is also available as a t-shirt on WeLoveFine, mens and womens sizes.

 Final day of September as we sail our ship into the fall season, and of course October. Much like Ahab we keep our eyes peeled for the white whale known as Season 3. I’m going to guess The Hub will probably start to get frisky on Twitter, only time will tell.

In other news, if you haven’t already stumbled upon it, DHN now has a little sister site. Lyra Heartstrings is something we’ve slowly been building over the summer, the general concept is a place we can post about the community creations we come across and enjoy, be it music, art, fanimations, pmvs, etc, since this is something we haven’t covered on DHN since the summer of 2011 (before we switched format to super serious stuffy news people). General idea is a separate site dedicated to ‘entertainment’, where we can post all those things up, without shifting this site into high gear post wise. We originally intended on posting the stuff our reporters came across and liked but people have noticed the site and submissions are slowly piling up. We have yet to fully announce the site because we’re still fine tuning everything, you’ll see music tends to dominate over everything.

And now for your Sunday Morning Comics.

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