Sunday Morning Comics 56

Derpy and duck (new version) by ~JoeMasterPencil

Well if you are a regular reader of the site, you may have noticed that Sunday Morning Comics has been missing for the past month. The tl;dr version is I’ve just been too busy on Saturday to put the article together. Between the pre-trip planning for Unicon, the glorious disaster that happened afterwards, and picking up the flu from the nasty people on the Red Eye flight I took home that I just basically took a break. Too bad as I almost had a perfect 52 week record going here.

I’d also like to mention that we are going to be trying something a little different here on DHN when it comes to Sundays. Basically it has always been my intention of having a once per week article on fandom related material, comics, art, music and even fanfics. We are currently gearing up to start posting those articles on Sunday. Of course we have Sunday Morning Comics here, and last week one of our new recruits started their own article for music dubbed Music Wrap Up, which replaces our long running Musical Interludes post. This week we should also be joined by Pickapok’s Fanfic reviews, and at some point in the future Gendid our newly elected 4th editor and Artist Interview will be bringing you an art gallery.

Of course remember we also have our sister site Lyra Heartstrings which is dedicated to the creations of the fandom. And while I’m plugging things, there is also our video archive site Derpy.TV which features many of the random videos from the community, and the works of Friendship is Witchcraft, the Mentally Abridged Series and Rainbow Dash Presents.  That’s all for now.

Extra large comic gallery this week, hidden behind the page break.

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