It has been awhile, hasn’t it.  From Eurobeat Brony’s YouTube channel:

Get this Luna’s Future remix Here.
Hear it on Soundcloud.

It was time to get back to my roots… after watching the Hearth’s Warming Tale episode, I got a vibe from one of the very last songs that put me in a similar mood to when I first penned “Luna”. That’s a good sign to make a track… and to make one the way I used to. ❤

Original by D. Ingram, C. Chan, and M. Vogel

Remix & Additional Lyrics by T. Stebbins

If you like what you hear, please consider naming a price on the Bandcamp link! Making music AND making a living in the Bay Area is not easy to do, so every little bit helps!

  • Graem

    I didn’t know you put fan content on this site, still.

    • Tradition. I’ve known Euro since the start of it all from the dark primordial days of 4chan’s /co/ and IRC channel, and promoted his work pretty hard (without being asked) back then. So its been tradition to post up the Super Ponybeats. Had the pleasure of hanging with him at LPU too. He is a chill and down to earth individual.