Swedish Spitfire – Anneli Heed Reddit AMA

Swedish voice artist Anneli Heed (Spitfire) took to Reddit today for a little game of AMA.  We’ve collected the Q&A for anyone not familiar with the realm of Reddit.

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Q.  Hej Anneli, the guy from twitter here. It seems like you have taken the whole pony thing to heart. How has it affected you personally in your daily life, and secondly how have your friends and family reacted to it?  Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. (sndifferent)

A.  Hi there!  Well..for starters..I´m on Twitter wich is something that I did not think that I ever would be. I want to think it made me a better person..I´m involved with charitys with the Bronies for good and I´m very happy about that. I wanna do more charity.  My friends and family are happy that I get apriciated for what I do but..they think I talk a little bit to much about you guys some times ;)

Q.  God afton, Anneli! Välkommen till /r/mylittlepony!  How were you offered to voice-act MLP?  (Raging_Mouse)

A.  Och vilken god afton det är!  The studio called me and wanted to book me for a session and I said yes and..then we started to record. I did not have to voice test.

Q.  How much contact do you have with the North American VAs, writers, directors, etc. to assist your role or appreciation of the show?  (maharito)

A.  None but that would be fun!  I almost always recognice who is voicing the carachters I dubb over and I go: “-oh this is blaablaa who also did blaablaa in that show blablaa and also the character blablaa in THAT show blaa..and so on…and so on… It drives the sound engeneers crazy LOL

Q.  Are you watching season four, too? Did you have a favorite moment?  (Glimmerglaze)

A.  Yes I do! I like the one in the castle when Pinkie played the organ ;) And FlutterBat…so sweet! Oh and the music! I do loooove all the music of the show so Hearts as strong as horses is now stuck in my head ;)

Q.  Hmm… Just to be sure… We are talking about THAT Spitfire? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcQxXpFIID0 Been to Sweden for a few months. Love the ice cream… But can’t eat those salty candies even if my life depended on it.  (LightStriker_Qc)

A.  I´m THAT Spitfire-Pinkie promise ;)  I braught that salty candy to DerpyConSouth 3 mounts ago and some loved it but..not every one and I understand it ;) Me my self I love it!

Q.  Hi Anneli!  First question – has to be done – what was your initial reaction to Bronies? (be honest! ;) )  Second, how many VAs work on the Swedish dub? Because from the list there, you must voice about half of the show!  Thanks! (Yup_TDO)

A.  My initial reaction was: AWESOME!!!  Well we have the mane 6 and then 2 dudes and then me and 3 more women who does all of the miner characters..I think..not really sure.  I often get to voice many roles in the same show cus it´s easy for me to change to very different voices and accents. I´m originaly an imperonator.

Q.  Hi Anneli! Thanks for doing this! I live in North America and am rather familiar with NA entertainment production centers (Los Angeles, Vancouver BC, etc), but I was curious how entertainment careers such as voice acting are outside of those centers. Are opportunities abundant/sparse? Competition for work more/less intense? Any good/bad things about working in Sweden vs. elsewhere? What do you hope to do in the future beyond MLP and your other current VA work?  (spokesthebrony)

A.  Hello!  Since we only dubb shows for the target up to 11 years old there is not that much work if you compare it to lets say Germany or France that dubbs everything. It´s hard to get into the business over here and I´m am very happy to be a part of it.  In Sweden we hardly newer get to do pre lay animaton, and that is always so much fun-I would like to do a lot more of that and still keep going with the dubbing of course ;)  I would also love to do more voice work in English. I have done some for kids apps like play´n learn games and also an expansion of Half Life 2.

Q.  Whoa, awesome! What part did you do, and for which expansion?

A.  When you dubb you have to go in at a certain time code and out at another time code on every line to match the characters mouth. Pre lay animation is that you record all the voices first and then the animaters draw after your words.  No dubbing is not that alone, you have your sound engeneer and some times a director to in your head phones behind a glass window so that is ok. But sure, it would be cool to be a couple of VA´s in the same studio some time ;)

Q.  Oh okay, I get it now. You want to overthrow your animator overlords and instead have them be subject to your whims. Excellent, I wish you the best of luck in staging your coup and I look forward to it happening.  Anything you’ve done previously that you wish you could have voiced without time constraints? What would you have said/voiced differently?

A.  LOL.  No that is just the format of dubbing, you get used to it and there are no regrets. Often I wish that there was more time over all for the dubbing, especially when you record songs. There is so little time for re takes and sometimes when you get to the studio you newer heard the song before.. If I find the songs before I go in to record them learn them by heart.

Q.  Hi Anneli! thanks a lot for doing and AMA here. I didn’t knew you before but I listened to your work and you are doing an excellent job! My question have multiple parts, 1st before voicing for the show did you knew about it and it’s older fandom (bronies), If yes, what did you think about it? I also noticed somewhere that you say you consider youself a brony and that you are involved in the fandom, how did that happen and what exactly are you doing? ( I’ve seen you are working a lot on charity) (3365CDQ)

A.  I loved generation 1 of mLP and I used to play a lot with them as a little girl and I watched all the old movies. I had surprize, Gusty and Apple Jack..oh and a pone called Lemon Drop with a stable and all ;)

Am I a Brony?..it´s kinda hard to explain cuz when I watch the show I cant let go of thinking how I´m gonna say the lines when it´s time to dubb it….like translating in my mind at the same time..like I see the show wearing “working glases” but then the musik=total Brony and then all of you..what do you call a fan of the Bronies, cus that is what i am ;) I love what you all do for charity and all the creative way´s you show your love for the show in.

Q.  Woah, that’s a lot of characters to voice.

I wanted to ask you, how long does a translation process take? I know it takes a lot of time for translated episodes to show up in corresponding countries, why is it taking so much? Does the episode get sent for translation when it completes, when it is aired, or sometime else?

Also, when you voice a character, do you take much time to get familiar with the character? Listen to originals, watch some episodes to get the character? Or is it just “here’s the script, now get on with it”?

EDIT: Also, since someone is gonna ask this sooner or later: would you rather fight one horse sized duck, or one hundred duck sized horses?  (Szkieletor)

A.  The translating process I´m not that sure of. I just know that when the translation is ready I get into the studio.

I always try to find as much info as it is possible to get about a new character before I start to record. I can sit for..a looong time and just surf about it..such a nerd but I really want/need to do a great job.

Q.  Well, I have a question.  What cartoons did you enjoy watching when you were younger?  (DestinyDecade)

A.  Well..My little pony, Candy Candy, Lady lovely locks, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, JEM and the holograms, the Disney clasics, Heman, transformers-the last 2 I was afraid of ..but I still wanted to look ;)

Q.  Hey Anneli! I got two questions for you today.

  1. Since you’re also a comedian, were you ever confronted with our (admittedly often silly and strange) fandom by your colleagues in a ridiculing way?
  2. Will you visit some of our cons again this year? And if so, which ones? I met you at Galacon last year and you were a blast, I would love to see you once again!  (Luxin_Nocte)

A.  Hello again then ;)

  1. No, if a comedy colligue of mine says something about you I start talking about their mothers haha
  2. I will go to CrystalFairCon in Finland this july! oOps..I think I wrote june a couple of posts ago (sorry!) I hope there will be more conventions in 2014 for me so I get to hug more Bronies!

Q.  I apologize if this has nothing to do with ponies, but it does say “Ask Me Anything” after all, so!

Apart from Astrid Lindgren (obvious enough), one of the things from Sweden I grew up on here in Germany was a series about an adolescent boy named Bert Ljung who would compile his various misadventures in a series of diaries, starting with “Berts dagbok”. Are you familiar with it at all?  (Glimmerglaze)

A.  Oh yes of course! I did read all of the books when i was like 13 or something ;) Fun, I did not know that they traveled to Germany.

Q.  How long does it take to dub an episode; what’s the delay between Canadian release and Swedish release?  (BucketHelm)

A.  Right now Sweden is airing the middle of season 2 so.. ;)

I don´t know how to post this so that all can see it here but this was the last question for this time. I had a lot of fun and i hope that my miss spellings were few ;) If anypony want´s to ask me something or just chat there is always Twitter ;) Hugs Anneli

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