Sweet Apple Acres Con Changes Venues in Nashville

For those not keeping up with the trouble SAAC had with hotel block reservations, click here to get up to speed.

First of all, Sweet Apple Acres would like to thank everyone who tried to help them meet their minimum room attrition at Millennium Maxwell House. Unfortunately, Sweet Apple Acres was not able to get everything needed in order to hold the event space that Millennium Maxwell House had promised. However a new venue has been booked, and Sweet Apple Acres Con 2013 is now moving to the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt.

The Holiday Inn Vanderbilt is about four miles away from the Millennium Maxwell House hotel and right next to Vanderbilt’s campus. Rooms at the Holiday Inn are not guaranteed to be available, so rooms can be booked at the Marriott next door at a special rate of $179 per night. This special rate covers rooms booked between July 11-14 and can be booked by using the promo code “sweswea” or following this link. Availability will be limited, so book today!

If you had already booked a room at the Millennium Maxwell House under the old discounted rate and do not wish to change your reservations, this rate will still be honored by Millennium Maxwell House.

Event space at the Holiday Inn will be smaller than what was originally offered at Millennium Maxwell House, however, no guests will be dropped who have already been announced for Sweet Apple Acres Con. This means you will still get a chance to see guests like voice actors Michelle Creber, Lee Tockar and Michael Daingerfield as well as many content producers heralded in the fandom. In fact, Sweet Apple Acres is still not finished with their community guest lineup, so stay tuned for more exciting announcements that are soon to come.

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