Sweet Apple Acres Con Postponed

We regret to announce that after our irreconcilable contractual difficulties with the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt’s , we have been unable to find a new venue for Sweet Apple Acres. The con will not be occurring this weekend, but there are still plenty of fun events slated to take place over the next three days so come on down and join the pony party! We’d like to extend our thanks to the Nashville Bronies, who are busy getting all the details of the events in place, and to the Traveling Pony Museum staff, who are on their way down to Nashville at this very moment. If you’re interested in a refund, please request one via Eventbrite or email [email protected] Please be patient – we’re doing our best to answer these requests quickly, but the process takes some time.

We’ll be getting more information about the going-ons in the next few hours, so keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and website for the latest updates. Hope to see you all this weekend!

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