Correction: The Hub published an updated version of the press release. See our new post on “Three’s a Crowd” for the new synopsis.

A press release sent out today by HubWorld features a short synopsis for Episode 411, which includes a guest voiceover by Weird Al Yankovic.  Details behind the spoiler button.

Synopsis for Episode 411 “Three’s A Crowd”

January 25 – “Three’s a Crowd”: Pinkie Pie finds her status as “super-duper party pony” in jeopardy when the mysterious Cheese Sandwich comes to town and offers to plan an epic party for Rainbow Dash. Guest voiceover by Weird Al Yankovic.

  • ITS


  • Adam

    Ugh I just know this episode is going to horrible, This fandom is slowly destroying the show by getting it’s every whim catered too.

    • Anonymous

      Lol peeps have been saying that noise since early season 2. Guess what? The show is still awesome.

    • Anonymous

      *Hipster alert*

  • I’m so excited!

  • Retrocheerilee

    I’m so hyped