The Hub just published the synopsis of the two season 4 premiere episodes on November 23, 10 a.m. EST!

Leading up to the episodes they will reair Equestria Girls.

The fourth season begins with a revealing two-part premiere in which the newly crowned Princess Twilight must balance her new royal duties and her friendship with the other ponies. Amid preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration in Canterlot, Princesses Celestria [sic] and Luna go missing and the Everfree Forest is taking over Equestria. These unexpected turn of events sends Princess Twilight and her pony friends on a quest to discover a mysterious foe who threatens to destroy everything. It is all up to Princess Twilight and her friends to help save Equestria from being destroyed. As part of the journey, Princess Twilight is given the chance to discover the secret behind the Elements of Harmony.

The press release also mentions the executive producers Chris Bartleman, Kirsten Newlands, and Stephen Davis but adds: “Also returning this season is … co-executive producers Meghan McCarthy, who also serves as story editor ….” It seems Meghan McCarthy has been promoted.

  • Anonymous

    “Princesses Celestria and Luna go missing” Typical.
    Overall, the description does sound more like an “epic”-style movie, as the DHX interviewees’ revealed about their thought process for S4 episodes.

  • CommanderX

    Celestia and Luna being useless was always a salt on a delicious cake whenever a big villain appeared in the show.

    Nightmare Moon – Celestia go missing, only to appear when it is all over.
    Discord – outside of letters, Celestia do not or cannot do a think, and Luna was not even there.
    Changelings – Luna miss everything, Celestia lose ( could not she at least lost epicly like mane 6 did, it felt that she lost forcefully ).
    Crystal Empire – Luna and Celestia stay behind, entire empire safely is used as a test ground for Twilight.

    To be honest, I trully hoped that now when Twilight’s tests are over, Celestia and Luna will actually help her for once ( no more need to stay on sidelines ), but no… Celestia and Luna missing/being useless is totally overdone !

    At least Cadence who appeared out of nowhere in her short appearance worked together with mane 6 and contributed in defeating big evil, so what is wrong with Celestia and Luna, cannot they shine at least one.

    Also, if Twilight is princess, why she and her friends go to safe the day, it is not like hundreds of Royal Guards and Shining Armor job is to protect her sister who is now princess. I wish that mane 6 will not work alone, because it is always mane 6 do that, mane 6 do this, we need more cooperation between ponies to safe the day, at least at Royal Wedding and Crystal Empire Shining Armor and Cadence contributed.

    • xgfhj

      Nightmare Moon imprisoned Celestia in the Sun; though I can’t really argue against your other points but I’d suggest you read the comic, by IDW, volume two (aka issues five through eight) for some epic fight assistants from Luna and Celestia.

    • Anonymous

      yeah its kinda weird. Celestia used the elements by herself to seal NMM, but now she needs the ponies to wield them? And how is it that the immortal goddess pony who founded equestria and literally controls the motion of the sun was so easily overpowered by chrysalis?

      i think what we have here is that its almost impossible to design a believable antagonist for a kids show when the good guys have two immortal goddesses on their side. just a theory, but it would explain why cele/luna conveniently and mysteriously disappear every time there’s a new bad guy on the scene.

    • GB

      Because it’s not the Celestia and Luna Show. This is why overthinking cartoons is a waste of time.

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t change the fact that it IS an overused plot excuse at this point, GB.

  • Anonymous

    CommanderX, because Cliques Are Magic. :P

  • xgfhj

    I’m hyped now, although I was hoping that two part-opener would be about Scootaloo and the Equestrian Games. Interesting to note that it says “PrincessTwilight is given the chance to discover the secret behind the Elements of Harmony.” keyword “given”.

  • Anonymous

    And of course there was a shitstorm on ED….. even if this synopsis sounds so good…. Jesus christ, this fandom is dying more day after day.

    • Anonymous

      How about this instead:
      Stop going to the comments section of EQD.

    • Anonymous

      Never, NEVER read EQD comments!

  • Anonymous

    “the Everfree Forest is taking over Equestria” I hope Zecora, Fluttershy, and Applejack have prominent roles in this. They’re the ones who’ve been the best at dealing with what lies in there. Plus, aside from Twilight, Zecora has magic skills of her own that could help.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like an epic two-parter to me!

    I’m thinking the Hub ad people swiped the background from a screenshot. On the trunk of the crystal-looking tree there’s a moon, sun, and then a star reminiscent of Twilight’s cutie-mark. Maybe she was destined to be the connection between them after all….

    Not sure how I feel about that.

  • Emtu

    I wish they would quit using that old clip art already. Rarity and Applejack look so flat and stiff compared to the other four.

  • Cheerilee1980

    It’s The Nothing from NeverEnding Story! Ran ruh!

  • Anonymous

    Surprise! The two Alicorns in Equestria who Twilight really needs are Gone! GEE I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING *sarcasm*