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Casualty number one.

We must unfortunately announce that Tara Strong will not be attending Big Apple Ponycon as planned. The events at Las Pegasus Unicon and her commitments to her family and work have made her choose to back out of the speaking circuit for the time being, and she is scaling back her involvement with many conventions.
Tara does want to do everything she can from home to help make everyone’s convention experience complete, so she has offered to give a Skype interview, and she will be providing signed headshots for those who have purchased autograph vouchers.

We’re still determining our policy on refunds for anyone who no longer wishes to attend, as well as revisiting our planned guests and their scheduling in light of this change. More updates will be available on our website in the next few days. In the meantime, feel free to send any questions to [email protected]

We wish Tara all the best, and we look forward to the ways she’s still able to participate in our convention!

-The Big Apple Ponycon Team

  • Anonymous

    Is there a source to this? I can’t find anything on the BAP website or Twitter account.

  • Anonymous

    She’s mentioning it on her Twitter feed. While I can understand her feelings, it’s a bit selfish in a way to pull out of a con she’s already committed to after being burned by the last one. Eh..

  • Anonymous

    judging by what she said earlier on twitter, it’s the uncertainty of the small-time cons as well as her family needs that are causing her to pull out.

  • Anonymous

    Big Apple is done by the same people who did Bronycon last year. (Some of them) She brings up missing her son’s Karate tourney, but she chose to go to a con (and make $$$) over going to see him. When she didn’t make said $$$ was when she was upset about the way things were handled. It just reeks (a little) to me, of a self-centered attitude. You commit to a con that’s less than 2.5 weeks away and you pull out last minute? C’mon. That’s shooting that con right out of the air.

  • sarah

    It wasn’t just BAP. Read her tweets. This isn’t a new con thing. It’s a Sandi ruined it for EVERYONE thing.

  • Anonymous

    None of the other VAs (So far) or Writers or anyone else involved in MLP has reacted this way. So while this may be the catalyst this is all on Tara Strong’s shoulders, and no one else. Maybe she’s getting tired of the fandom and this is her way “out” I don’t know. Like I said, it just reeks.

  • Now now fellas, let’s not be selfish here. While it’s unfortunate to see Tara back out of BAP, it’s completely understandable why she’d do it. Honestly, what would you do if you attended a con so poorly handled as LPU? Not only was she not paid a single cent, she missed her son’s karate tourney. And I heard he’s actually thinking of pulling out. How, I ask you, do you not feel for her in this situation? It’s really depressing to think about. Unicon really spoiled the mood, and now she needs time away so she can focus on what’s really important to her: family. It seems clear to me Sandi didn’t think of that when she invited Tara.

    Giver her some space, fellas. She still enjoys the fandom as a whole, but the mess in Vegas has shaken her faith in the convention scene. Let her recover.

  • Anonymous

    Huh, it’s actually kinda strange I was thinking the other day, “man, with how much attention Tara pays to her fans/work, it’s amazing she has the time to put in for her kid and family life. Well, now I have the answer. She is making the necessary sacrifice. And IT’S NOT THE FANDOM. It’s a few appearances at conventions, from what we’re hearing.

    I’m not saying don’t be sad. Just… Feel her on this, guys.

  • Paul

    Huh, it’s actually kinda strange I was thinking the other day, “man, with how much attention Tara pays to her fans/work, it’s amazing she has the time to put in for her kid and family life. Well, now I have the answer. She is making the necessary sacrifice. And IT’S NOT THE FANDOM. It’s a few appearances at conventions, from what we’re hearing.

    I’m not saying don’t be sad. Just… Feel her on this, guys.

  • nelson

    She needs a break from the Bronies. She’s invested so much time and effort into the community; and frankly I think she just got burned out. Using LPU as an excuse and ditching BAP is totally uncool in my book (though I heard from many, many people during LPU that this exact thing would happen) – but honestly I can’t be that upset about it considering what she has done already.

    I just wish it could have all boiled more down to “hey guys, I need time with my family” instead of “hey guys, I got screwed over by a convention and won’t be attending others that I had committed to.” Bronies are mostly adults and older teenagers – we would completely understand. Throwing out an excuse about LPU and not fulfilling a commitment wasn’t necessary.

    At the end of the day, I do not hold anything against her. However, this situation could have been handled more gracefully in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Well, she brought up both reasons, specifically:

      1. missing out on her son’s karate tourney, causing him to lose interest in the sport
      to go to
      2. a convention appearance that she ended up not getting paid for amongst other things

      If I got hit by a double whammy like that, I’d want to take a break as well.

      And yeah, like Paul said it’s not the fandom or bronies (she still loves all of her fans according to her tweets), it’s just her getting strung out with her family and being ticked off at a couple lousy con runners. She’s the only one so far to step down and say no to some appearances, and it’s with some pretty good reasons.

  • Thus it begins…

  • Anadu Kune

    Thank Unicon runners thanks a lot. may horrible things befall them. They have ruined it for everyone. They have made things ridiculously harder for con organizers and probably began a downward spiral for all them. Thanks for that. We will probably never see her at a con again.

    • Anadu Kune

      Hey guys that wasn’t me. My friend got on my laptop and typed out. I don’t know why probably to troll me, because I am annoyed. Anyway now that he has taken the liberty to put my name on this topic I will comment my stance on it. Yes what the con heads did was reprehensible. The longer we go without proper clarifaction the more and more dubious it seems. It is sad that we wont be seeing Tara at Big Apple, but she does have priorities. Going to cons and having fun can be justified in terms of sacrificing time with family when you make money doing so. If not then you have taken yourself away from work and family and take a hit to the wallet. So it is understandable. Though again it is sad we wont be seeing her at any pony conventions for the future. It seems the events of unicon, may have tainted her view of the good conventions as well.

  • StatManDan

    Tara was one of the first celebrities to commit to this con. Who can honestly blame her for being so hurt by this experience? A lot of people have been hurt and there are still a lot of bitter feelings going around and that’s understandable. I can also fully understand Tara wanting to take some time off the convention circuit and hope that she’ll return one day. I hope ALL the celebs who were at this con will be at future cons (some of them already are).

    All we can do at this point is to pick ourselves and each other up, move on, and move forward.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry to break the news to you guys, but the fandom is dying. From the fallout of twilicorn, to the las pegasus failure. This is proof. It’s been nice knowing you guys but I think I’m going to jump ship too. The only reason why I payed money to go to this con was to see Tara. Now that she’s pulling out, I’ll see if I can pull out my money too.

    • Really? Give me a break. People have said that “the fandom is dying” since before the first season even ended.

      Is life over when bad things happen to you? Nope. You get right back up and keep going. It’s only when ever actively decides to lay down and die is the fandom “dead”.

      The original Star Trek fandom survived for ten years on three seasons of the 1960s show before getting their first movie. Fandoms can live for a very, very long time.

    • Bah. I mean *everyone*, not “ever”.

    • anon36426

      >tara strong not attending every single convention


      • Anonymous

        actually the fandom is growing

        • Jon the Red

          [citation needed]

      • Anonymous

        Look at this faggot over here using meme arrows


    • You misspelled “paid”, anon.

    • HJ

      Fandoms don’t die because of controversies or people getting mad.

      Fandoms die because of apathy. And the one thing I’m not seeing is apathy.

      Notice how polarizing people like Ann Coulter keep getting work? It’s better to be hated than ignored.

      When people don’t care Twilight has wings, or Derpy has been erased, that’s when the fandom is dying.

    • Starling

      Pshh that’s a silly thing to say, what does the fandom dying having to do with you pulling your money out of one con? Sure Tara pulling out is cause for you to want to not attend, but 1 bad con does not a fandom death make.
      Also BAP is gunna be great, the organizers are good ponies, so there will be lots to do… Also, you weren’t going to spend you’re whole con experiences trying to get at Tara right? So why kill a whole weekend of Brony-related fun? Sure pout a bit, and try for a voucher refund, but there is no reason to give up on the whole thing.
      Just sayin’

    • if i had a muffin for every time i head that…

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  • HJ

    Guys don’t be too hard on Tara.

    You know when you have a car accident or something and you’re nervous to drive immediatley after? This is the same thing.

    Big Apple Ponycon seems trustworthy but after a bad event like LPU, it’s only human to be wary of doing a convention.

    • Shadowed Rainbow

      Agreed 100%.

      I hope that eventually things will settle down enough for her to go to conventions again (like BronyCon, I’d love to see her there), but I can totally understand wanting to take time away from them for the moment.

  • anon36426

    >willingly goes to con and misses karate tournament
    >whines about missing karate tournament as if it’s the con’s fault


    • Jon the Red

      I know, wouldn’t she have missed the karate tourney even if Unicon had gone perfectly? That makes me pretty OK that she’s getting burned on this whole convention deal. It’s also a really good lesson for the bronies; maybe now they’ll clamor for less show talent to bow to their whims, and be grateful for the people who do make sacrifices to come and see them, since they honestly do put quite a bit on the line to make these con appearances. (With some of the tweets and YouTube comments I’ve seen, I fear for some of them.)

    • This is my observation on this: of course her kids are important to her. If you’ve been paying attention, that’s one thing she’s been saying over and over again. (Personally, I think one’s own children should always come first.)

      I don’t know of the exact reasons she was delayed or missed the tournament. Maybe she scheduled it so she’d be back in time to catch it, and this sort of threw a whole wrench in her plans. I don’t know.

      If anything, I’m very sure her fans are also important to her. She *loves* her fans. She’s had a ton of fun at conventions. I think she was just disappointed at how very poorly the convention was run. She’s trusting convention organizers to know what they’re doing and to live up to their promises (and that’s certainly not an unreasonable thing). It’s nice to be able to plan around it. When a convention does not keep their word, it starts to not be a fun anything anymore. I’m guessing she’s probably not happy that poor convention planning is starting to interfere with her work and personal life.

      I agree that she could have chosen not to gone to the convention, but I don’t think it’s quite as black-and-white as you make it out to be.

      We’re assuming a lot from very little information. There’s probably more to this than anyone knows. It’s Tara’s business. It’s cool that she could give up some of her time to spend with fans, but I can’t blame her for not having as much fun right now.

    • Inverse

      Yeah, because her own kids aren’t nearly as important as some convention. Do you have any idea how selfish and whiny you sound?


    • thefrozenone

      It’s called opportunity cost. You make choices based on the benefits they present you. She obviously believed having fun at Las Pegasus and making some money on the side was more worth her time than her son’s karate tournament, as harsh as that may sound. Not only was the convention not fun, but she didn’t get paid either. So why would you expect her not to be pissed about missing her son’s tournament for nothing?

      If you skipped some big event because you were promised something better if you missed it, only to get shafted, how would you react to ditching your prior engagements FOR NOTHING?

      • HJ

        Exactly. @thefrozenone saved me the time of typing that out myself.

        Her point wasn’t that she missed the tournament but that she missed the tournament because of the benefit of getting paid and missed out on both.

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  • Mia

    I think she choose to go to the convention over the karate tournament because like most parents, including mine, she probably figured he’d be okay without her and he’d understand because of work. When she found out that her absence may have been responsible for her son losing interest, it made her reconsider how much work she’s taking on. It wasn’t so much she was blaming the con, it was more so she’s blaming herself for taking on so much work that it’s interfering with her personal life. The not being paid thing was just icing on the cake. If she had a better experience with said con, maybe the outcome would’ve been better. However, it wasn’t so the two events coincided, and I can’t blame her for being upset.

  • Lirodon

    Please, they may be famous, but give them a break. The more of these things they go to, the less time they’ll have to make your favourite show! Do you want Season 4 to only have 12 episodes again?

    • Anonymous

      S4 is already confirmed to be 26 eps, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

  • Seraphem

    While I understand her issues, and have no problem with her simply taking a break for a while, or really anything she chooses, pulling out of the con this close to it after having agreed already, that part rubs me the wrong way. Simply not expecting any con invites for awhile, reasonable, ditching out on things you already agreed to, that’s a bit more iffy. Especially using Unicon as a reason. yes it was a disaster, but what kept it from being much much worse then it could have been? Everyone in the community pulling together, including the other major con organizers. This was a fluke, run by two people that were either idiots, or scam artists.

    If anything unicon showed the comunity at it’s best. The disaster was the result of the people running the con, and only those few, who refused any help in setting up the con, and either got in way over their heads and screwed up, or were conning people from the start. Soon as the shit hit the fan, the community as a whole banded together and did everything we could to help out those burned by it.

  • Anonymous

    Uhh, for those who aren’t aware, Passover starts on the 25th. I’m pretty sure that has something to do with it.

  • Graem

    I refuse to consider this a “casualty” since she’ll still be making an appearance, even if it’s just over Skype. She at least knew how much it meant, and real life DOES always take precedence over this kind of thing.

    The only thing that irks me about this is the idea that it’s some kind of “casualty,” when it seems like a very light response. After all, she had to miss her son’s karate tourney for Unicon and now he wants to quit. That’s kind of a bigger deal than it may seem. I was in the same position as that kid when I was younger.

    At any rate, I came way too late to this comment party. Opinions!