Twilight's spell by Everfree-Sea

Yesterday, we brought you the first videos of Tara Strong’s VA panel at the Calgary Expo. Hope all those who made it in had a good time, seems a vast amount of people got turned away at the door after the local fire marshal came in and caused issues with the capacity limits. Anyways, a person by the name of Puzzledmint also recorded the panel (video behind the page break). Along with this video are notes on the event, for anyone who doesn’t want to watch the entire hour-long panel. Credit goes to intern reporter Doc_91 for taking the time to watch the video and make notes. All behind the page break.

Update: The folks over at Bronyville Podcast sent over a cleaned-up audio version of the panel, which can be found at:

  • 9:56 Tara shows up
  • 11:10 Plot joke
  • 11:44 You might be a brony if…
  • 14:18 Derpy chant
  • 16:25 Tara interview starts


Panel host questions

1. How did you prepare for your role?

  • I got a call from a girl named Lauren Faust, and she asked me if I knew MLP, and of course I did.
  • Grew up in a toy store
  • Did sizzle reel for show pitch: Twilight, Pinkie, Applejack


2. How do you work with your other cast members?

  • Did one episode in Vancouver, otherwise, given kids, etc. Works in LA.


3. Your opinions on bronies?

  • Discovered them on Twitter. [Is she joking?]
  • Introduced to the site by Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush (Nickolodeon show)
  • Most amazing, supportive, non-judgmental [that’s a hoot] community, and I’m so glad to be a part of it.


4. What are you looking forward to?

  • You’re gonna go nuts. There’s one episode in particular that you’re going to freak out.
  • Whole new level of freak out


Audience Questions 20:58

1. There’s one episode with Spike, Twilight, and talking to a squirrel. Was that an intentional reference?

  • I’m gonna guess that Lauren did that intentionally, having worked on Powerpuff Girls
  • Twilight cannot speak to squirrels. One for Bubbles.


2. Who’s your favorite pony?

  • I really love them all. I think Pinkie Pie’s really funny… I kinda fell in love with Cadence. I won’t spoil which.


3. Which season 2 episode did you have the most fun recording?

  • Lesson Zero


4. Did you do the voice with the sandvich impersonating Twi’s brother?

  • Apparently


5. (Panel host) What’s the mean time between recording and release?

  • About 3 months. I could be wrong.


6. Stupid fan nitpicks about the script saying “people” in the finale.

  • Why do you have to catch everything?


7. What did you think of the Derpy voice change? [Crowd sounds concerned]

  • I get asked this on Twitter all the time… You’re not alone; The Hub loves Derpy too, but the problem was some community members complained it hurt their feelings. And you can’t do that.
  • It’s such a great story where Derpy came from…
  • If it’s offensive to someone, you have to take it down. That’s the rule of thumb, usually. … It’s not an easy position.
  • Well, love and tolerance. It’s just that they’re sort of tied.

8. Where did you get the inspiration for the Changelings in the finale? [*sigh*]

  • Well, I’m very Twilightlicious but I don’t write the show.
  • The writer for that ep, McCarthy, I can always tell when it’s one of her eps.
  • There’s a lot of throwbacks to pop culture, for example, the Big Lebowski.


9. (Panel host) It’s a kick when you come across those in the script, right? The pop culture references.

  • Oh yeah. When people say that’s why grownups like it, it’s these little sort of hidden things.


10. What’s your opinion on the background characters?

  • I think Lauren’s designs… [Did Tara mishear the question?] You guys would be jealous, she brought all the designs to my house first. Pages and pages. The reason you love her so much is she loves it too.
  • She put thought into every single piece. As a whole, [the show] is beautiful.


11. How did you feel working with Discord?

  • Well, I didn’t work with him.
  • 28:06: John de Lancie arrives, receives standing ovation.
  • 29:08: de Lancie: “I thought I could get away by doing a little research, and listen for a little while.”
  • Strong: “Oh no. You’ve got to come by.”


12. (To Tara) How many takes did it require to do the “HI, GIRLS!” bit from Lesson zero?

  • Typically in animation, for those of us who do it all the time, it’s about three takes. Keeps it really organic. Sometimes you’ll do a little bit more just for coverage, but for me, I’m gonna get it right between 1 and 3.


13. (To Tara) What was your favorite song in season 2?

  • I don’t do the singing… but there’s nothing that compares to the wedding songs. I was crying.
  • 31:06: Audience member comes up, brings Derpy picture.
  • Tara: Aw, is that for me? It’s very Twilightlicious. [To John]: I notice nobody’s bringing you any pictures…


14. The white pony with the pink mane [Fleur-de-lis? No, wait, one of the group that invites Twi to Moondancer’s party in S01E01], where does she live?

  • Panel Host: (Quotes Wikipedia like a boss)


15. With your army, are you planning on world domination?

  • Yes? And, I’d like you all to sing now, please.
  • (Crowd sings Twilightlicious)


16. (Panel host) What was your inspiration for that?

  • I don’t know. I do really silly things sometimes, like those pictures that I deleted, then I learned that on the internet, you can’t really delete anything.
  • It just came to me. So I discover VocalTwit, and I record it, and there’s this really adorable video made… and I’m like, “I love the bronies!”


17. (To de Lancie) How did you get involved in voicing this?

  • I got a call from my agent saying “You have a job. My Little Pony.” Showed up, did it, couple of months later, this particular email site that I have, there’s like 4 or 500 emails that I have.
  • So I usually live in another world, Star Trek, but I’m fascinated by this world.


18. (Panel host, to de Lancie) So how long were you in the recording booth for this?

  • Oh, I don’t know, two hours, three hours. I was there with the full cast, and we did two episodes.
  • And I recently did one other thing…


19. (to De Lancie) Why did they put lipstick on Q?

  • ’Cause they went with my high heels.


20. How do Star Trek fans compare to bronies?

  • Um… you are more exuberant. And I don’t know whether maybe… when you consider that Star Trek aired in 1965, and was picked up again in 1980, I think maybe they have forged a path for fandom, as it were.
  • My Little Pony is very colorful. And there’s a very, very colorful group of people.


21. What was your first physical, in-person interaction with bronies?

  • I was at a convention about Doctor Who, and I was there mainly for Torchwood.
  • First question at the panel: When is Discord coming back?
  • Next question: How did you get the job with Discord?
  • 40:13: I have to go. (de Lancie leaves, again to a standing ovation)


22. (to Tara) If you had your own cutie mark what would it be?

  • I guess a microphone. A microphone with a heart, maybe.
  • (In response to the crowd) No, not trollface, it has to be cute!


23. What was your least favorite episode to record?

  • I don’t think I have a lot of trouble recording… there’s never been an episode I did not like.


24. How much does this (the fandom) influence the actual show, you think?

  • Hasbro, at least The Hub, embraces you guys. … I do MAD TV sometimes and I’m like, “you’ve got to throw a brony shoutout in there.”
  • “I’m sort of spreading the love with you guys. … Because of the Internet, social media, and seeing who your favorite VA’s are… that means the world to us.


25. What is your opinion on bronies being the cancer of the Internet?

  • I feel like if something is on TV or on the Internet, there’s going to be a group of haters.
  • I get hate mail on Twitter… and the stuff I get, it’s not scaring this pony away.


26. Has there been anything on a movie being made?

  • I haven’t heard anything but if they replace me with, like, Zoey Deschanel I’ll be pissed.


27. If you could write your own episode what would happen in it?

  • Funny you should say. I just had lunch with Megan, and she’s like, “So, what do you want Twi to do?”


28. (Asked by Tara to 27.) What would you like her to do?

  • I’d like to see her go back to Canterlot, to her original home.
  • Tara: I would like to see a twilightlicious episode… I’ve actually told The Hub you need to make toys and clothes that are twilightlicious. [Maybe Twi opens a disco place.]


29. Who do you like better, Celestia or Luna?

  • I’m gonna have to say Princess Celestia. You work the same character for so long, you kind of become that character. So when she’s all, “Dear Princess Celestia,” and she wants to please the princess, so you get in that kind of mood too.


30. Of all the antagonists on the show, who’s your favorite?

  • I’m gonna go with her [the Changeling queen].


31. (YourEnigma?) Who do you think Twilight has impacted the most?

  • I think it sorts of depends on the episode.


32. (Princess Celestia cosplayer) So my faithful student, what do you think is your favorite brony production?

  • I really like the Twilightlicious stuff.


33. Are we gonna see any more of Cadence and Shining Armor? Also, can you please do the “Clock is ticking” Twilight bit?

  • I can’t tell you. Sorry! You don’t want me to get in trouble, do you?


  • 51:40: Cute moments from host’s kid.
  • 53:54: Main theme singalong
  • 56:37: Standing ovation