Twilight Sparkle Army by BenAshton24

Twilight Sparkle Army by BenAshton24

Talk Radio Meltdown has done an interview with Tara Strong, and the recording is now up on their website!

The interview starts at 1:21:40. First they talked about a wide variety of the shows and games she has contributed to, then at 1:35:45, one of the interviewers asked her about the “male My Little Pony fans.” She stressed that is is a huge and “pretty darn wonderful” phenomenon, and that she enjoys having her private army of fans. (Hence above our army of Twilight Sparkles.)

Interestingly, she let it drop that she was calling “immediately after finishing an episode of My Little Pony.”

  • Ditzydont

    Tara is really good at doing these interviews, she just knows how to handle herself. Very media saavy, I guess she’s been doing it for so long.

    I always get the sense that the role of Twilight Sparkle isn’t as big a deal for her as the other voice actors in that she was already pretty famous with her other roles so Twilight is just another role for her compared to the other voice actors where their roles on MLP is the first thing they’ve gotten serious attention for (and please correct me if I’m wrong). So Tara is less overwhelmed by the whole Brony phenemenon.

    I do wonder why she hasn’t done any interviews with Brony websites and podcasts. She clearly does a lot of them and she likes Bronies so what’s the deal?

    And Bronycon, she def needs to go to Bronycon in the future. She’d be perfect, she knows how to deal with fans.