Taralicious [UPDATE]

UPDATE: It looks like Tara also started answering questions from Twitter for about 10 minutes, you’ll find a few somewhat Pony-related Q&As behind the break as well.
Nothing new or insightful, just more for entertainment. I was out on a booze run when it happened. Whoops.

Throughout today, Tara Strong’s been having fun Tweeting vocal samples of her characters singing parodies of “Fergalicious,” including a Songified version of Twilight’s.
Non-Twilight versions after the break.

Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls)
Raven (Teen Titans)
Omi (Xiaolin Showdown)
Twilight Sparkle (off)

Twitter: ((How many episodes of season three are there gonna be!? @[email protected]))
Tara: I don’t know ;(

Twitter: why don’t you sing as Twilight? I think you’d be awesome at it.
Tara: don’t wanna b away from my kids that much!! Plus she’s awesome!!

Twitter: What’s your favorite kind of cupcake? Go!
Tara: red velvet! With a twilight sparkle on top!

Twitter: Do you think Twilight is your most popular character yet?
Tara: yes!!

Twitter: do you sometimes worry that you might NOT be the best pony???
Tara: no!! ;(

Twitter: Would you consider coming to Bronycon in NJ in June?
Tara: anything is possible

Twitter: Have you met Lauren Faust (creator of MLP FIM) before?
Tara: of course! She worked on power puff girls!

  • Ummm…the media player keeps deactivating whenever it tries to play the song…anyone else having that problem?

  • my favorites probably the Raven one :P

  • Folly

    The Bubbles one is adorable, holy crap.

  • Wiseau

    Have a whole post about Taras twitter account? Don’t have a link to said account like a baws.

  • ManeFlame

    I love how her Omi one came complete with “get a common phrase incorrect”.