It seems Shout! Factory is sending out advance copies of the Season 2 DVD box set for review, and today we feature a video review of said set by Aficionados Chris.  It doesn’t go in-depth with any of the episodes, but simply goes over the features (or occasional lack thereof on the topic of commentaries) unique to the box set.  Still a solid review with a cute intro, so you can check it out after the break.

The other matter is The Last Roundup.  According to the review, the box set features the edited version of the episode.  Not that it was unexpected, but still noteworthy, if that one episode is relevant to your purchasing decision.

[Update] Apparently the person behind the Shout Factory Twitter was mistaken.


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  • sailoryue

    welll FUCK THAT

    • Shiek927

      You might wanna check that, it’s the unedited version apparently ^_^

      • Doc

        Not according to the review, it’s not. The Twitter image is just there for juxtaposition purposes.

        • Shiek927

          ….Oh, then *I* take it back.

          sailoryue, proceed.

  • Sm44

    Me thinks Shout Factory is gonna be getting some angry tweets… *le sigh* oh well i’m still looking forward to the set as I just love season 2 in general, and we still have the uncut version on the 1st Single. And who knows, maybe they’ll catch it and offer replacement discs at a later date, like they did with the unsynched audio for Friendship Express DVD *Yeah probably not, but hey, a guy can dream*

  • Yeah, that sucks. Come oooon, blu-ray release, don’t let me down!

  • Pirated version gonna have full derpy awesomeness, that sad for legal user.

  • Really disappointed that there aren’t any commentaries. They were by far my favorite part of the season 1 dvd, and I was really looking forward to having hopefully more of them for season 2, not less. Actually, commentaries and/or making-of’s tend to be the only DVD special features that get me to buy the DVD over a digital copy, so for me there’s really no incentive to buy this over the HD iTunes episodes.

    The only reason I might is to support a possible future Blu-ray release. But I’m honestly doubtful that will ever happen.

    • Upon comparing the prices, I guess it is cheaper to buy the DVD instead of even the SD episodes from iTunes, I was forgetting about iTunes exorbitant prices ($40 for SD, $60 for HD). That said, it’s also on Netflix in HD, so I can always just stream them there. (And the of course the torrents which everyone already has, but I like supporting the show legally if possible)

      No matter what I’m just super disappointed there’s no commentaries. :(

  • I’m Just Some Guy

    Well, looks like I’m not buying it then. Besides, I have a feeling something much better is coming somewhere down the line anyway, and I probably won’t watch these episodes again until long after the show is over. (Which hopefully is at least a few years down the line from when I’m writing this.) As for my anticipations, think about it – they re-release and re-release box sets ALL THE TIME with stuff like Lord of the Rings, and invariably it always makes lots of money, so I would not be surprised if Hasbro did the same thing later on.

    I’m not at all surprised at the censorship, though. A bit miffed, perhaps I got my hopes up just a tad, but again it’s by no means unexpected.

  • Kyser

    Remember, vote with your dollar or whatever form of currency you use. I for one won’t be buying it due to it being edited. I loved Derpy the way she was.