The End of PonyArchive

Over the weekend PonyArchive had purchased the domain and I do believe carried a message that if gone down, that it was a backup.  Obviously they got another letter from Hasbro, probably since they had not ceased or deceased.  So that means it was indeed Hasbro which brought the site down.

Its not my place to lay comment on this, but the message left behind by PonyArchive leaves a foul taste in my mouth.  Hasbro isn’t suppose to be a bro, its a faceless company that wants money.  The other “bros” in this fandom is going to be Studio B who actually creates the show.

There has never been anything written that said we could pass around their videos.  The company has been kind (and possibly blind) to the fact that we’ve gone a year.  Bottom line is the DVDs for Season 1 are coming, and they’re obviously aware they might make money off us.

It is hard to say, if anything else will happen.  Its very possible that Hasbro has begun to take down youtube channels and such, due to the DVDs.  It would be nice if something official was announced.  But for now and without any further evidence, all we can do is wait.

Statement by simonAJ, former member of PonyArchive.

I would like to officially go on record as saying that I have had nothing to do with PonyArchive since the first Cease & Desist hit, and I would like to disassociate myself from the message currently up on the site. I find it an incredibly immature act and I do not think it a wise course of action at all. (simonAJ)


Equestria Daily has gone on record to say that they won’t be posting any more downloads or youtubes from now on (we have email correspondence from them about this matter) they will only be plugging the itunes for now. (Update via Spazz)

I came across this article on a site called BronyFarm, it doesn’t seem to give any specific name but sounds like simonAJ answering a few questions about the situation.  Figure I’d add it to this article since its very popular.  Article can be found here.

12/22/2011 – According to the EqD’s Nightly Roundup #194, it is said that PonyArchive has some sort of trojan redirect on their site.  We find no evidence of this, as myself and several others have checked the page, the code, and so forth.  So either it was there and was removed, or someone got spooked.  Either way, why bother going to the site, all you get is the picture above.

  • Daisymare

    All I can say is, Oh Well. It's not like this is the end of the world. besides we are all nerds so I'm sure we will find the episodes even if they are not available for purchase in your area. Demonoid seems to have all the episodes in all formats.

  • simonAJ

    I would like to officially go on record as saying that I have had nothing to do with PonyArchive since the first Cease & Desist hit, and I would like to disassociate myself from the message currently up on the site. I find it an incredibly immature act and I do not think it a wise course of action at all.

    – simonAJ, __former__ ponyarchive staff member

  • DerpySquad

    Well noted SimonAJ, obviously you did the smart thing and step away. If you want I can note that at the end of the article.

  • Lapsio

    I'm not surprised. I've read yesterday that people don't buy movies because they can download it for free. In Poland downloading is so popular, that I haven't seen any shop with DVDs near my house (I mean ~2km radius) It isn't strange that Hasbro didn't allowed ponyarchive to share MLP in so good (especially 1080p) quality, because then many people won't buy DVD. In fact I was quite shocked that Hasbro didn't do something with Ponyarchive before.

  • Oceanity

    I dropped by the IRC back when the site was still up and saw what you had to say about it, simonAJ. I fully respect what you did for the site and am glad you chose the dignified way of leaving when the Cease & Desists came.

    As for those who stayed, I just have to say it is a shame you cannot give credit where credit is due. Without Hasbro, your site would not even have existed in the first place.

  • Chip Unicorn

    First, it costs a lot of time and money to put out a quality animation like MLP:FIM. I don't blame Hasbro for going after PonyArchive.

    Second, the people still running PonyArchive (not including you, simonAJ) have turned the takedown from a part of business into a personal battle.
    They could have kept it professional, even while they disagreed. They didn't. I can't imagine this choice ever being a good thing.

    Third, simonAJ — you've made yourself very clear that you stepped away at the first C&D order. Thank you for remaining professional.

  • plaster

    Wow, yeah. That's super classy. Not only have they demonstrated how immature they are, they also supported the idea of how entitled this fanbase is. We aren't here to spread the word of friendship and whatever cultish nonsense people believe they are the ministers of. We are fans of a show that the animators and company spent a lot of time and money on to make, never for us. NEVER FOR US. They made it for children and the animation studio has been the best i've seen an a studio be with a fanbase and thrown in a bunch of stuff to make us happy, yet WE STILL AREN'T EVEN HAPPY. Because it's "not enough" or "not what i wanted".

    This act right here shows just what kind of people we are dealing with in the fanbase. I hope they come to their senses and realize just how foolish this action and how bad it makes us look.

  • simonAJ

    @DerpySquad: Yeah, feel free. Thanks.

  • Daisymare

    I think we should still focus on being kind and friendly but that said we do need to support the show with money. Like I said before, the only thing we are entitled to is the stuff we as a fandom create for ourselves. Stealing is wrong no matter what. Ponyarchive should have just said, "Ah, okay. Well thanks for letting us post the show as long as you did." And then they could have changed their site into an archive for other pony related stuff. Now the site is tainted and will never come back as anything.

  • XyroTR1

    Man, I really wish PA had handled this in a more mature fashion. As one of their main contributors, I enjoyed working with them. However, I did not supply them with episodes after the C&D went through, and my only contact with them was a short email conversation telling them I would no longer be sending in my rips.

    Such a shame that they acted the way they did. :(

  • DerpySquad

    I mean we all should be supporting the purchases of these episodes, that is only natural support for the show. Sadly iTunes sucks away most of the profit, I'd rather know at least 51% of my money goes towards the show.

    I'll note, big difference between what you do Xyro and what PA was doing in part, and that is their itune rips. Those itune rips might as well be stolen DVDs from Walmart, versus what you and others do, which is more just passing a VHS tape around.

    What scares me more is the fact that some are siding with PA. We're entitled to jack shit outside our own little world.

  • Anonymous

    It is funny that all of the actual downloads still work, you just have to search alittle harder for links

  • Orhideous

    It' not funny… it's cool. Especially multiupload links for 1080p HD with 5.1+2.0 sound!

  • Max Steel

    You know, if it wasnt for episodes being online illegally, none of us would be here.

    Think back to when you first heard about the show. What did you do to check it out? I went to youtube. If my only options were subscribe to the hub and then wait around for the show to air, or pay the 4 dollars on itunes, I would have never watched the show, and I am willing to bet 99% of the adults fans would have never watched it.

    Which means the $150+ I've spent on official merchandise would have gone unspent. How much pony have you bought? The $15,000 sketch auctions would have never happened either.

    That doesnt mean that we deserve or are owed free episodes, but if you think we have just been leeching and poor hasbro is going broke because of episode downloads, you are being sort of retarded. The existence of easily accessible free episodes has made them, hand over fist, way more, than they would have ever gotten otherwise.

    I understand hasbro wanting the downloads gone, they are a multinational corporation. It is alot easier to see people downloading a show as stealing than it is to see those people as customers, who would have otherwise never been exposed to your product.

    Ponyarchive is stupid for thinking of a faceless worldwide conglomerate as a bro, but the episodes being up is a win-win. Not that ponyarchive going down changes anything, as noted above the episodes are still all over the place.

    Anyway PA isnt handling this gracefully, but neither are the people who live in glass houses, stoning them. The whole reason I started visiting this site was for the episode links and not a single person reading this watches the show only through the official means.

    As far as I can se the dvd sales arent going to go up because the site is gone and the dvd wouldnt even exist if we hadnt gotten hooked on the show off the net.

  • Mason

    Tbh, ponyarchive are acting like complete spoilt children about this situation.

    I respect simonAJ for doing for the right thing and disassociating himself from PA after the first C&D notice. C&D letters should not be taken lightly.

  • Ikusa GT

    I don't see why they would stop posting youtube Videos it makes no sense

  • 8ftmetalhead

    Wait are there still going to be 1080 rips though? If not from you Xyro, but from sonenoe else?
    Those of us elsewhere are fucked if not, the show disappeared off of cartoon network over here after playing everything out of order with 15 minute ad breaks and random cutout bits of the show. And that's on a paid network.
    Not that I saw it, I don't have 25 bucks a week to spend on basic non hd sky, that's money far better spent on bills. Or buying ponies. Of which I have over $1000 of.

    And that's not even mentioning Europe, asia and australia. (I'm in new zealand, so SORT OF get australian stuff. This leaves me kinda hopeful.

  • fsLeg

    OK, here's my kinda rude and not very humble opinion. DVDs and iTunes are good, they mean that Hasbro can offer MLP episode to their audience. But let's take a deeper look.

    As already mentioned, iTunes Store with MLP episodes isn't available outside USA. And fans are scattered all over the world. What are they supposed to do? How they supposed o watch their favourite show? I even contacted iTunes Store's support, and they said I couldn't buy anything from the US store unless I have a billing address inside US, which most of non-US residents, including me, don't have.

    Another option is to buy DVDs. Those DVDs are even released in other countries. But here's another "but". First, it is DVD, while show actually airs in FullHD. I guess, there's no need to explain the difference in video quality. Even downscaled HDTVRips have better quality, than that (AFAIK, only one) DVD. I bought that DVD, I know. Where's Blu-Ray, guys? Maybe I missed something, but I haven't heard BDs are even planned to be released.

    Second, how many episodes got released in DVD so far? Two? The first season is more that half a year as finished airing on TV, and still only two episodes? OK, you may point me to the fact, that there's another DVD with whole THREE episodes is about to get released at February 24. Cool, another three episodes. Out of twenty six.

    Now let's pretend the show officially airs (or is sold) in all countries that have pony fans. What will we get? Quite often, bad translation and dub. At least it is true for Russia. We have a DVD with dubbed S01E03. It is awful. Accents are gone, intonations are completely off, voices don't reflect ponies' characters at all. And there're a number of translation mistakes. I even contacted Russian branch of Hasbro about the quality of their dub, but haven't got any reply.

    And now let's look what pirates have to offer. Thay have: FullHD instead of DVD (Hub actually airs the show in a crappy quality for FullHD, video is unforgiveably blocky, but still); decent translation and very nice fandub (vital for non-english speaking countries), that's even better, than the official dub; lots of ways of obtaining episodes. In other words, PIRATES can offer the show at better quality than the actual DEVELOPER.

    To conclude my small review, I'll say this. If a company can't offer to their customers good enough quality worth to be payed for, this company should just shut it and let those, who can, do THEIR (company's) job right. Unfortunately, pirates often offer content (be it software or some rips) at better quality (or without brainflipping with activation process), than official developers and distributors, MLP:FiM is just another example.

    Regarding PA. They just did what Hasbro couldn't: they offered episodes for EVERYONE.

    P. S.: I highly respect Hasbro, this is just my opinion and the facts I know of. I hope I was clear regardless my bad English. I call people spreading MLP episodes in non-legal way pirates because, let's face it, they ARE pirates.

    P. P. S: I've been trying to post this comment for five hours… But that Derpy flying around constantly caused my browser on the phone to hang or to crash…

  • SnowFox

    I saw the post and it's really of terrible taste. Mason's quote about them being like spoiled children fits this perfectly.

    Like it or not Hasbro makes the show, and Pony Archive is a form of piracy. Granted a fan-site, but downloading does steal away sales from iTunes or any DVDs Hasbro puts out (Target has a two-episode one, and another five-episode one comes out in February).

    I don't like iTunes videos due to restrictions it has, so I don't buy them. When I heard of the Target DVD, I bought it ASAP. Gave me something to watch on TV (no cable, means only Hub's website for me), and it let me show support for the show.

    I know people are mad because Hasbro will not make box sets with seasons. Fact is, My Little Pony is a KIDS show, and will be treated as such. I like a few cartoons that are for kids, and the DVDs are just small volumes. I know a lot want full season sets, maybe it won't happen. Small volumes are better than nothing in my opinion, if you ask me, not buying them because they're not sets might hurt the show. I dunno if they'll ever make a season set, but think of it this way. If FiM ended, you never picked up a DVD of it, and they no longer sell/make the DVDs, then you won't have a way to watch it, support the show, or even have something to remember it by.

    In fact the first time I watched an episode was at Hub's website, not YouTube surprisingly.

    This is just my opinion, disagree if you like, I'm just trying to be real about this situation. Sorry for the TL;DR comment, but I have respect for Hasbro a bit. They went after the source rather than lobby a law. Hollywood is currently lobbying a law for piracy, but it will do nothing for piracy and affect regular people.

    I'm not trying to bring politics in, nor am I political, but I'm pointing it out since Hasbro went after it, rather than lobby a law that affects everyone, even those who don't pirate (like me)

  • fsLeg

    Maybe this time I'll be able to post… That comment of mine didn't went through for some reason.

  • Anonymous

    ^your comment was here earlier dont know what happened

  • Ponyville_Trot

    I agree wholeheartedly with Max Steel. If it were not for piracy, I would not have spent a dime on ponies.

    The cartoons, which cost roughly five million dollars per season, are 22 minute advertizements for ponies. I sincerely doubt that the target demographic is out downloading cartoon ponies. Their gardians are probably just switching on the One Eyed Babysitter and the kids watch whatever comes on.

    I consider MLP:FIM to be equivalent to the Budweiser commercials that air during the Superbowl. They were expensive to make, the TV networks make a mint selling the spots they occupy during the Superbowl, and they show up both on YouTube and in download sites. Neither knock-offs of the beer nor of the plastic ponies with brushable hair are flooding the marketplace. So, free distribution of the adverts is creating a buzz that results in greater sales of the actual merchandise.

    There may well have been trademark issues at risk in this affair, and PonyArchive was the fall guy. That does not excuse PA for their reaction.

  • fsLeg

    Yes, there still will be 1080p rips at least from me and Spazz.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    Thank god for that. It's not that I don't WANT to buy the DVD's or watch the HUB but unfortunately America =/= the world.
    I mean hell I'd rather never watch ponies and castrate myself than deal with Itunes but if it was available for a decent price hell of course I'd do it. Then crack the content and uninstall itunes, melt my harddrive, buy a new one and reinstall windows fresh on it just in case any traces were left.

    But yeah as long as eps are around and pony toys are there for buying, I'm there.

  • rossy

    I'd just like to add that while I have no idea which staff member put the message up, it by no means reflects the view of the other PonyArchive contributors, including simonAJ (who has already commented here,) Scoots and the other encoders, mirror hosters, website coders and rippers (and IRC lurkers, hehehe.) While there isn't so much here, there's a lot of misdirected hate flying around in the EqD comments which is completely unfair to a group of people who worked hard to share something that Hasbro never actually made available to those living outside of America.

    Despite this, and while the foul language may be a little too much, I think it's completely within the rights of whoever put the message up to be upset. With FiM, Hasbro has received a completely unexpected internet fanbase. Why would they respond by treating non-Apple users and non-Americans like criminals?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Ponyville Trots and Max Steel, if it weren't for pirated episodes, most of us wouldn't have given MLPFIM the time of day. Arguably, going after the piracy means Hasbro chances losing the minuscule extra profit it makes from us adult pony loving weirdos – especially those of us outside the United States.

    However, that doesn't change the fact that Hasbro has the right to dictate how and if their product is distributed.

    As for the PonyArchive admins' reaction? Unbelievably childish.

  • Anonymous

    1. Buy the iTunes or DVDs, through a proxy or a reseller if necessary.
    2. Download the youTube rips – hang around on the chans enough, you'll find the links.
    3. Watch the rips while basking in the knowledge that your money has paid the voice actors and other production staff for the hard work making the show you love so much.