The Hub’s Weekly Ratings Including “Daring Don’t”

“Daring Don’t” of course continued the season 4 streak of topping the Hub rankings. After the extrapolated 461,000 viewers of “Castle Mane-ia,” the episode performed slightly weaker at 397,000. This decrease could’ve been caused by reduced advertisement, external events on the same day, and innumerable other influences. (EquestriaGuy suspects the influence of Venus’s positioning.) Speculations are welcome in the comments.

The stats are this time provided by TV Media Insights—see their page for the full list of 269 telecasts. A kind thanks goes out to StatManDan for the heads-up. His assessment of Littlest Pet Shop’s performance (see also our dedicated platform) is a rather glum one, although did again manage to score a fourth place.

Meanwhile, LPS continues to disappoint when it comes to first-run episodes. Saturday’s “What, Meme Worry?” drew a disappointing 163K which was less than a rerun shown Wednesday at 4:30pm ET (231K). It is the third straight week in which LPS viewership was less than half that of MLP on Saturdays.

1 MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP Sat 10:30AM-11:00AM 30 0.2 397
2 BATMAN & ROBIN Sat 11:00PM- 1:30AM 150 0.2 274
3 ANIMANIACS Wed 6:00PM- 6:30PM 30 0.1 234
4 LITTLEST PET SHOP Wed 4:30PM- 5:00PM 30 0.1 231
5 TINY TOON ADVENTURES Wed 5:00PM- 5:30PM 30 0.1 207
6 MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP Sun 10:30AM-11:00AM 30 0.1 203
7 ANIMANIACS Mon 6:30PM- 7:00PM 30 0.1 198
8 ANIMANIACS Wed 6:30PM- 7:00PM 30 0.1 196
9 TINY TOON ADVENTURES Wed 5:30PM- 6:00PM 30 0.1 190
10 HAPPY DAYS Mon 11:30PM-12:00AM 30 0.1 186

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