Pardon the lack of updates as of late. The latest episode, number 10, featured The Living Tombstone, along with the super secret guest Glaze, and the regular friends of the show. The show opened up with the general News Spot, involving a good double-take at the location for Midwestria. There was also the interjection regarding Gabe Newell’s status as a Brony. Afterwards, the questions for Tombstone commenced, and then to Glaze.

We came short of having an intermission due to fan of the show Kessie not wanting to miss the action, and being in dire need of going to the bathroom. I was joking when I said, “MyLittleDashie: The show that actually requires you to wear diapers.” Please don’t do that, or draw any of us from the show in diapers.

As always, the streams to watch the show are as follows:

The Livestream Channel:
(Also, check here for uploads of the previous show episodes!)
Brony Dance Party’s Stream:
Celestia Radio:

Also, a fairly big announcement for the show:
The show will no longer be airing Mondays AND Thursdays, and is moving to JUST Mondays at the same time of 9pm EDT (GMT -5, I think. Might be -4 because of Daylight Savings Time).

For the record, I (again) highly discourage wearing diapers during the show. I instead promote bedpans to avoid potty emergencies.

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