The My Little Dashie Show

Just got done with another episode of The Little Dashie Show! Currently, this entertaining show is up to 5 episodes including tonight’s. What is the My Little Dashie Show? Read on…

The show consists of the lovely host, Dashie, and her online crew Qcom, BronyDanceParty, and HeartfireBurn, and her ever-lovely roomie Leeches, along with two guests per show. I am acting as the DHN representative, to give a quick news shout-out. The show’s aim is to have fun and ask questions live with the guests. Questions are pulled from the stream channels, and from the lot of us in the skype call. The show is also streamed live on Celestia Radio by the awesome Qcom, and Brony Dance Party hosts a viewer overflow stream of the show at The atmosphere is very laid back, and the key rules of thumb are to keep it clean and have fun.

The show airs live on Mondays and Thursdays, 9pm Eastern Standard Time (-5 GST).

More info (About tonight’s show) after the break!

Tonight’s lovely guests were Kna Knutt (, and Shy (  We were also joined by Feulner. Shy and Feulner are both a part of the Bronycon staff.

First, Shy was up, to tell us some interesting information concerning Bronycon, as well as sing for everyone! We then had a hijacking by Mic the Microphone, who happened to be in the livestream channel. The two of them exuded their musical talents all over the place, and Mic managed to kill the stream with a Lavender Town dubstep.

After that, Kna got into action and answered questions from the staff and audience. She is a very skilled papercraft artist, and amazed the crew with her skills by producing the following while the show was still going live.

Papercrafts in 10 seconds flat

Kna also demonstrated her amazing talent with the Ocarina, and played a few songs for us. She hails from Argentina, and has some mad English skills, and a very lovely voice, and an obvious talent for crafts. She indeed has passionate, skilled hands.

Lastly, as the show ran into overtime, we talked with Feulner, who is a part of the Bronycon VIP department. He shared with us an interesting story about being in uniform, as he had arrived at the convention after a search and rescue meeting, and hadn’t had a chance to stop at home before coming to the convention. Truly in uniform for the security position he had.

I know I’d feel loads safer if I was with this group

For more information, here are some useful links:

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Oh right…

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