Brony is a term that will live on after all is said and done.

Hmm, I don’t even think I can come up with a sane opinion on that one.

There’s a list of words they compiled that have been coined this year that just may make the cut and become part of our everyday vocabulary. Who knows? I’m leaning towards no.

Still though, they claim it’s a word that Defined 2011! That’s pretty heavy stuff!

[Check out the Article]

Update: The Wall Street Journal also shares this sentiment.
[Thanks to Telofy and the folks over at Bronynews for that]

  • "Boogster"

    And we got the decorative text treatment! ;-)

  • Anonymous

    It is 2012 here already and plaster still has the ability to post on DH.


  • plaster

    oh you

  • derpymaths

    lol im sorry, but… crankshaft brony .. FTW !!

  • Telofy

    I know Grant Barrett from his radio show A Way with Words. (I’m also that kind of geek.) He’s awesome!