And with this post we will return to our normally schedule posting habits.  Many of the new fans get confused as to the many aspects of Derpy, such as why does she like muffins specifically, why some people call her Ditzy Doo rather than Derpy, and so on.  This is a re-write of our “about Derpy” article that has collected dust on the left side of our page, and it covers her basic history and specific moments during Season 1.  She was the first background pony to be named and giving more character than just eye candy.  She may or may not have been an animation error, but she has won most of the fans over.

Derpy Hooves was named on October 25th, 2010 by the members of /co/ on 4chan.  She would be the first background character named and given a personality, a trend starter which other background ponies like Carrot Top, Bonbon and Lyra would follow.  When Vinyl Scratch came around, many would accuse people of going to far, as DJ Pon3 only had a 3 second moment on the show.  Many would point back that when Derpy came to be, she also only had about 3 seconds on the screen.
It would be a member of the /co/ threads that discovered her, though people had noticed her before.  While watching Episode 1 on Youtube, Dr.Foreigner would take notice to comments about a derpy eyed pegasus at Twilight’s welcoming party.  He then pointed this out to the members of /co/, and in a passing comment would name her.

“And so the legend of Derpy Hooves is born.”

From this point the fanart and short stories would begin about the pegasus with the derpy eyes.  Most notable of these short stories is Bright Eyes written by Manefag, which gave her the job of delivering the mail. (click here as we posted it earlier).  From this point on her fandom would grow.
During Episode 4 – Applebuck Season, she would be a part of the group that eats Applejack’s Baked Bads, and is assumed to be the pony who says “muffins”, which is how it became her so called favorite food. 
Sometime in late November a person by the name of Shon Howell would send a personal message to Lauren Faust via Deviant Art, asking if this background character had a name and what her cutie mark represented. 

From ShonHowell – First off, let me say just how much I’ve been enjoying My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. It’s clever, well conceived and EXTREMELY well written. But I was wondering if you could clarify something for me. You may or may not be aware that MLP FiM has a growing fanbase (helped along by YouTube), and fans being the way they are jump on some points of production and running wild with it. In the first episode, there is a grey pegasus with a blonde mane at Pinkie Pie’s party with loopy eyes. Fans have dubbed her “Derpy Hooves” and she’s blowing up. I’m coming to this party a little late, but I was curious as to whether or not this pony had a name or not and what her cutie-mark represented. Thanks for any help you can give in this and keep up the good work.

Best wishes, Shon Howell

From Fyre-Flye (Lauren Faust) – Ha! I lurk around a bit and I noticed the Derpy phenomenon. As far as I know, her wall eyed moment was an accident — or perhaps a layout artist entertaining him/herself. Who knows? Background ponies have no name, and their butt symbols are picked at random, so she can be Derpy if everyone likes. A later episode references a less-than-intelligent local pegasus named “Ditzy Doo” so maybe she can be her if we ever need to show her. But I would not want to step on everyone’s Derpy love.

This would be the origins of the name Ditzy Doo, which man fans have taken as her real name.  Some people have combined the two, Ditzy “Derpy” Doo Hooves.  Some claim that Derpy is a hateful remark used by other ponies to make fun of her disability, while others just claim it as a nickname.
The episode which Ms.Faust spoke about was Winter Wrap Up, where it is mentioned that Ditzy Doo went north to fetch the southern birds.  There has been confusion due to the pony shown with the birds, as it is a Derpy clone (one of several that showed up during the episodes), and many have assumed despite the wrong colored hair, that this was Derpy.  There is no proof to say if it was or not.  Then again Ms. Faust also said it didn’t have to be, as to not step on everyone’s love for Derpy.

She would also become a mother after Episode 12 – Call of the Cutie when people started to associate a purple colored, blonde haired filly with her.  This filly would become Dinky Hooves.  Her fandom was created around the fact that Derpy is seen in the party, and she resembles (in at least hair color) Derpy herself.  Fans would more or less just take off with this idea, creating a mother figure out of Derpy.

Her fame would rise during Episode 15 – Feeling Pinkie Keen when she would suddenly appear on screen, with her derp eyes.  Many had guessed she had also been placed as the pony who dropped the piano on Twilight, but through questions on Faust’s dA we learned that she had always been the one, and that it was the producers who went back into the episode and changed her eyes.  From this point on in the series, anytime she has appeared, she has been seen making her derpy eyes.

As of Season 2 she is now a little more than a background character.  She was now part of the storyboard process and would appear in each episode, still as a background character but now getting more specific scenes.  So far (at the time of this article) she has been seen fighting with Mayor Mare, and during the most recent episode (Luna Eclipsed) pulling the plug on the apple bin.

One of the more enduring features of Derpy is she isn’t overly locked into a personality as many of the other background ponies are.  Fans project what they want from her, be it a drooling moron who is incapable of saying nothing more than muffins or even unable to speak in sequential sentences, to just a mail pony with a vision problem.  It doesn’t matter what you call her, Derpy Hooves, Bubbles, Stoneface, Ditzy Doo, she will always hold a very special place in this fandom.
Misc Facts

– The color of Derpy (and even Dinky) was an old argument in the early days of the fandom, namely due to color issues with downloadable episodes and the severe lack of HD rips.  She ranged from a darker grey to an almost purple color, which is why you may come across old fanart where she is either a dark grey or has a purple hue.

This image was supposedly created by an animator for the show, posted on /co/, and was about the argument of Derpy’s color.  (One of my classic favs).

I emptied your fridge:  Is a meme created from a storybook comic written by Elosande, which tells the story of Derpy getting injured while delivering a package, and Carrot Top (at the time dubbed Carrot Cake) delivering the package for her through the Everfree Forest, where she encounters many things.  Above is the final panel which started the meme.
The original pencil sketches that Elosande posted on /co/ can be found here on EqD (side fact – EqD was about 3 days old when this was posted).  A person by the name of Ace created the colored version that most people have come to know.

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