FINAL EDIT: It’s over guys, S5E21 has been pulled out of iTunes and been replaced by Rarity Investigate!


EDIT: We receive report telling us that the audio is not correctly synchronised!

EDIT 2 : The Stereo audio is OK, but the 5.1 audio have a 90 second loud beep and is desynchronised!


Hasbro did a mistake again, this time, instead of publishing the episode 15 of the season 5, they published what seem to be the episode 21, Scare Master.

Scare Master was supposed to be the episode 15 until recently, they probably didn’t updated whatever they should have updated.

As a result, Scare Master is available on iTunes for 2.99$ .

Spazz’s note: It is likely that Scare Master is episode 515, as iTunes usually releases episodes in production order, as opposed to the order they air on television, which is usually what causes these “leaks”. Canterlot Boutique was episode 514 and Rarity Investigates! was coded as 516.

  • JakRZS

    Somebody at Hasbro or Apple is going to pass a Bad Fur Day now…. but the episode was really good by the way.

  • Squeaky Belle

    Sent it off to EQD if you guys don’t mind. :P Probably won’t watch it yet. Hopefully the rest finds it good. :) (First time posting here! Yay~)

    Also I’m predicting Derpibooru being flooded with spoiler tags soon. :D

  • StatManDan

    Still up on iTunes as of 5:53am CT on Monday. Somebody fail to either send or get the memo about this episode likely not being aired until 10/31 given the theme of the episode.

  • StatManDan

    Plus, if you are wondering, no review of this episode until it actually airs on Discovery Family.