There IS a Pony For That

by JohnJoseco


I guess Celestia fired Cheerilee after she let the CMC near Discord, because now she’s appointed Twilight to teach “students about the kingdom of Equestria’s exciting past” in the new interactive storybook app for iOS devices, which they’re calling “MY LITTLE PONY: Twilight Sparkle, Teacher for a Day”

“Join TWILIGHT SPARKLE, SPIKE THE DRAGON, PINKIE PIE, RAINBOW DASH and other PONYVILLE friends as they learn about a time long ago before the pegasus, unicorn, and earth ponies lived together in harmony. Story-driven activities guide TWILIGHT SPARKLE through the founding of EQUESTRIA culminating at the inaugural Grand Galloping Gala.”

The app aims to teach kids “vocabulary, reading and motor skills” and rewards the reader with various bonus activities and video clips as the story progresses. Makes me wonder if it has any new animation or is just reused footage from the show.

The app is available on iTunes for $0.99.

ALSO: The MLP Facebook page implies Derpy!

via MarketWatch

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