Well we had a couple of surveys going on here in the past week, figured I’d post up the results since I’ve flushed them off the blog.  First up was our big survey, Best Musical Number of Season 1.  If you’re too lazy to enlarge the image, here are the results…

01.  Winter Wrap Up
02.  Art of the Dress
03.  At the Gala
04.  Face Your Fears
05.  Evil Enchantress
06.  Cupcakes

I must admit not overly surprised.  I did a top 6 since Cupcakes had 1 less vote than Evil Enchantress.  And then Plaster had another Discord survey going at the bottom of the page.  Pretty even between Discord love and how dare he mess with Fluttershy.

New Surveys

If you don’t see them yet, its because I’m still making them.  We got two more surveys running.

At the top is something I’m going to do for every episode, more or less let the public rate the latest one.

At the bottom we have a site related one.  I know a few people have issues with our youtube embeds, such as the latest episode ones that I put at the top over the weekend.  I know at least one person has encountered major performance problems from them, and before the site change someone else was having issues with the youtube embed actually loading here in the news feed window.

Later Today, Submission Tuesdays…

  • Spazz

    I did have an idea for a new poll, but I forgot it.

    It was a good one too.