In addition to the episode “Simple Ways” earlier today, Zap2it has just published three new episode titles including air dates. No synopses have been added to the entries so far, but two of the titles sound distinctly pony to me, so I will trust that they are all accurate.

Episode Title Aired Date
S04, E14
S04, E15
S04, E16
  • TechPhek

    Breezies oh man. They’re g3 toys, so I wonder if they’ll be rehashed in g4

  • Vengir

    The first title was first hinted by Meghan McCarthy during April Fool’s.

    • Anonymous

      I meant “It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies”. Why did you even put those episodes in descending order?

    • To screw with us that have slight OCD habits…

    • It’s slightly edited copypasta from Zap2it, where they’re sorted that way. I’ve reversed the order now.