Three-Part Announcement from Bronies for Good

Flower of Truth by atnezau

Flower of Truth by atnezau

Re-Release of Smile! Album

To quote the ever-so-eloquent Neo from those Matrix sequels I’m still in denial of: “Upgrades.”

Bronies for Good says “Thank you!” With the launch of the Seeds of Kindness fundraiser, the previous fundraiser Smile! was phased out, but now you can again download the eponymous album alongside the current Seeds of Kindness album. Moreover, the Smile! album has been extended and now features a new version of SoGreatAndPowerful’s “A Sorceress Girl” and a brand new song from Sprocket Doggingsworth, “The Rise and Fall of Emperor Discord.”

The currently 1078 donors to Seeds of Kindness can just head back to the donor-only download page they were asked to bookmark, the Smile! donors can find the new song on YouTube, and everyone can of course donate to Seeds of Kindness to download both albums. The Green Village in Burundi still needs several thousand dollars to give a new home to street children in need.


Updated List of Prizes

When making a sizable donation, please make sure that you follow these instructions, so that Bronies for Good can contact you if you qualify as one of their top donors. The person who donates most well get to choose from the full list of prizes, the second place from the remaining prizes, and so on. If you donate more than a set amount and do so quickly, you can moreover claim one of the following games and prizes (number of remaining items as of May 27).

  • 10 All Access Subscriptions to Ruckus Reader from Ruckus Media, (worth $30 each), offering FULL access to MLP iReaders: Things That Go Bump in the Night, Twilight Sparkle’s Special Lesson and Rarity Loves Fashion)
  • Skyrim (when donating over $100 (€75))
  • Portal
  • Dead Space
  • 3 copies of Terraria
  • The entire Tropico Trilogy
  • Alien Shooter
  • 3 copies of Iron Grip Warlord
  • 2 Copies of Audio Surf
  • Dungeons of Dredmor
  • 4 copies of Indie Gala Packs
  • Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition Double Pack

A number of the top donor prizes are custom commissions according to the wishes of the donors. Below a gallery of examples of what the generous artists are capable of. All the details can be found in the latest Bronies for Good blog post and on their Seeds of Kindness Prizes page.


Call for Musicians

My Little Remix is already starting work on their next charity album, “Faithful and Strong,” and for that, naturally, they need music. If you are a musicianand you feel up to the challenge, head over to My Little Remix and help make the new album as wonderful as this!

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