The iTunes copy of the latest episode (“Three’s a Crowd”) appears to have audio problems, again. This time the stereo track is in fact mono (there are two channels, but they are the same, no difference between left and right at all), and the 5.1 audio sounds distorted, again.

Like last week, if you’ve already bought a copy of the episode, we invite you to contact Apple support about it.

Edit 4:35PM UTC 2014/1/27 : You can find a fixed version on YayPonies, including both a correct 5.1 and stereo track with audio based on the “thebib62” TVRip.

  • Aponymous

    hmm two weeks in a row,I wonder if-
    no I won’t say nor type that.

    however considering just who the ill friend in this episode was…
    …and who make a return last week too…

    but anyway how does this compare to the hubworld-erm now streams? as far as I know those have been in 2 channel stereo this week and last.

    Oh and seems since season 4 started ponies are added(newest episode) on Mondays,and Pets on Tuesdays. or am I the only one who still pays attention to the hub network’s website?