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by *CSImadmax

Well I’m sure I am not the only one sitting here with a slight headache from the sudden flood of holiday related commercials, but I’m sure this year we’re going to be seeing some news and information from the pony sector since many companies have taken notice to the fandom since the last holiday season. With Black Friday coming up we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on any special events that might help you save on purchasing some pony merchandise.

This article covers the three different DVD sets that are floating around. EDEL-Kids over in Germany is releasing a Limited Edition 4 episode DVD that includes the english soundtrack, and a limited edition pony figure that is currently available for pre-ordering, due out 12/7.

From America’s Shout! Factory we have the compltee 4 disc DVD Season One set that will include special features. We know through the grape vine that it is suppose to have an audio commentary from cast and crew, currently their listing lists no special features, but their press release says otherwise. This is on pre-order with a release date of 12/4. This date also includes the release of The Adventures in the Crystal Kingdom DVD, containing the season 3 premiere episodes.

And of course down in Australia & New Zealand, Madman Entertainment has their 5 Volume Season One DVD collection, no special features outside of the volume 1 with box that’ll hold all five. If not mistaken that was a limited run, and if so you can probably find them on eBay or Amazon shops.

Details & Links to all the DVDs after the page break.

My Little Pony – Limited DVD-Edition to the successful TV series


Double-surprising x-mas-gifts from “My Little Pony” December 7th! Friends of “My Little Pony” should mark this special date in their calendars. Just in time for Christmas, Edel:Kids offers an exclusive package: New DVD episodes come bundled with a special collectors pony toy in an affectionately designed box. For the first time, all of the four episodes are available in original language (English) on the German market. The fourth episode “The Cutie Mark Chronicles” is unreleased so far. The package with DVD and toy pony will be available for approximately 15 Euro. It will contain one of six different toys for pony fans of all ages. With this Limited Edition, you’ll get bright eyes shining as bright as your Christmas tree!

From the Amazon.DE Site (Google Translator):

Unique gift idea from Noble and Hasbro. For the first time the two companies cooperate with each other to bring this magnificent limited edition on the market. In Germany, unpublished episodes and a brand new pony from the brand new, recently released the 2nd row Season “Wedding”, with collective character.
In the magical land of Equestria, a kingdom whose inhabitants are colorful ponies lives “Twilight Sparkle”, a hard-working unicorn. Entrusted with the important task of “Princess Celestia”, finally making friends, she experienced adventures in and around Ponyville. Funny stories about pretty little ponies to find out what the most important magic of all is: “The Magic of Friendship.” Episodes: 01 A contract of Princess Celestia, Part 1 02 A contract of Princess Celestia, Part 2 has 03 A friend’s not easy 04-stories beauty spots

My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic: Season One DVD

Shout! Factory also released a little news letter reminding people of their DVD products, namely the My Little Pony: Complete Season One DVD that features all 26 episodes of Season 1, and despite the “special features” section of their Amazon listing says nothing, the 4 DVD set includes new extras produced exclusively for this set. We learned a month or two ago this includes commentary from the cast and crew.

It’s all here! The complete first season of the hit animated series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic can now be seen in its entirety in this awesomely hilarious, cheerfully adorable four-disc set! Join Twilight Sparkle as she sets off on her assignment to learn the true meaning and value of friendship through her crazy, laughter-filled adventures with the other ponies of Ponyville; Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity! Includes ALL 26 Episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic’s first outrageous season!


My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic: Adventures in the Crystal Empire

And of course they also want to remind you of the Adventures in the Crystal Kingdom DVD, featuring the two season premiere episodes seen a few weeks ago.

A magical empire has suddenly appeared in the arctic north of Equestria, and Princess Celestia needs Twilight Sparkle and her friends to find a way to protect it.

While her friends try to keep the Crystal Ponies occupied at the Crystal Faire, Twilight Sparkle searches for the hidden Crystal Heart that is the key to keeping their empire safe from harm!

Volume 1 – Even The Smartest Ponies Need Friendship

‘Get your muzzle out of those books and make some friends!’ That’s what Princess Celestia tells Twilight Sparkle. She may be the smartest unicorn in Equestria, but Twilight Sparkle gets an “incomplete” in friendship. There’s more to life than learning magic, after all – so she goes to Ponyville on a mission to make friends. There she meets five special ponies who take her on exciting adventures and teach her the most powerful magic of all… the magic of friendship!


Volume 2 – Everypony Knows That Nothing Beats Friendship

Twilight Sparkle’s friends can be helpful, they can be supportive, and they can be great company but sometimes her friends can be downright hard work! Fluttershy’s timidness, Rarity’s perfection, Applejack’s straight-talking and Pinkie Pie’s free-spiritedness can be a source of frustration for poor Twlight Sparkle but she realises that although the gang can drive her to distraction, she loves them all and they mean the world to her.


Volume 3 – Friendship Is Great At Any Time Of Year

Whether you’re warming up in winter or simmering in the summer sun, everypony knows it’s always the right season to be with friends. Twilight Sparkle loves being the most magical pony in Ponyville but can she prepare for the Winter Wrap-Up without relying on her magic? And can two proud ponies like Applejack and Rainbow Dash compete in the annual Running of the Leaves without being too competitive? One thing is certain: having pony friends is great, rain, hail or shine.


Volume 4 – Time To Play With Ponies

Sometimes it seems that life is just one big party when you’re a pony. Whether entering talent competitions, being photographed for glamorous galas, or hunting for beautiful diamonds, there is always plenty of excitement for everypony to have. However, while having fun is great, everypony has to be careful not to spend too much time having fun! After all, ponies have plenty of responsibilities as well.


Volume 5 – Good Friends Are Always With You

Good friends are like cutie marks: sometimes they can be hard to find but once you get them, they’re with you always and forever. The ponies know all about the power of friendship: having best friends has changed their lives and they all love each other very much. So what’s the best way to celebrate with friends? Attending the biggest party of the year, the Grand Galloping Gala. But will the Gala live up to their expectations?

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