Toy Ark just uploaded a bunch of images. Information is below.

The exclusive Twilight for the Crystal Palace set. She comes with hard plastic moveable wings. She also has a snazzy plastic dress with holes for peg gems, shoes, and her Element of Harmony crown. Note the Crystal Eyes.

Collector’s pack ponies. Diamond Tiara, Lyra and Derpy. Note Shining Armor’s butt. It’s still “troll hair,” but his hooves are painted.

Royal couple and Queen Chrysalis. QC has painted-on holes. She has clear wings and painted on pattern for her insect wings. She has her unique, heavy lidedded eyes. She’s in the brushable Celestia mold.

Lyrica. She has both a pearl necklace and a gold necklace painted on.

Miniature set. New Fluttershy mold, alicorn mold Night Mare Moon and short tail/new head mold Rarity.

Deluxe electronic NMM. Painted shoes, all-over printing, purple hair, and iridescent wings. She still has a button for flapping. Her voice is unknown. Note the two barrettes at the bottom of the picture.

Miniature set. Alicorn mold Celestia, unique mold QC and Twilight. QC has some holes in her legs and translucent, holey wings.

Musical minature set. Rarity mold Lyra, unique mold Octavia and unique mold Lyrica.

Rainbow Dash in her Nightmare Night Shadowbolt costume. All over printing, really nice bangs. Note the stitching details, you can tell it’s her “hoof made” costume.

Pony content on a Leap Frog Leap Pad.

Transulcent unique mold Granny Smith.

Miniature set. Peppermint Twist/w glasses, new pony in Pinkie mold and Silver Spoon w/glasses. There’s also a Smarty Pants figure.

Unique mold Flim (Flam?) brother. Can very easily be “both” figures with just a paint job edit.

New character, translucent in the Rarity mold.

Pony flashdrives: these were premiered at CES.

“Elements of Harmony Friends” minature set. NMM, “Manny Roar” the Manticore, unique mold Fluttershy, Rarity with all her hair and old mold and, I kid you not, Steven Magnet.

Hasbro actually trademarked a character based on a Google Transcription joke.

Design a Pony Luna in the s2 style. She also has Crystal Empire eyes. Note the school supplies, Pinkie Pie in a masquerade mask with her cutie mark on it. How’s that pony in the right corner with the sun mask?

At least it’s not Applejack! Pony Tupperware, nail sets and a tumbler are also shown.

Rainbow also has a masquerade book. There’s a design your own pony sketchbook/stencil/sticker set in upper right corner.

  • anon36426

    I CAME

  • Drakkenfyre

    If you notice, in the one of the pictures in the background is the McDonald’s logo. Another set of toys are a given, but it makes me wonder what’s coming out this year.

  • Bubblegum

    I love how they’ve started making the little bind bag style ponies properly, with unique molds to make them look like the show. They better bring all this new stuff my way :P