tumblr_n11y7qM3Ei1qa2r95o1_500Stitch Kingdom is at this weekend’s Toy Fair in NYC, and is sharing some great info and pictures from the Hasbro (and TY) booths. THere’s a ton of pictures and some EqG Rainbow Rocks spoilers, so hop over the break.



DJ P0N-3’s car. The windshield is a pair of glasses you can wear.


Some new RR characters, though there’s no info on their names.

The Mane 6.

RR Zecora, who’s going to be a Toys ‘R Us exclusive.

More TRU exclusives, including Chrysalis, Photo Finish and some RR ponies.


The pop sets. The packaging seems pretty big, but each set comes with 3 ponies, stickers, a bracelet for you, and lots of hair options for the ponies.


Rainbow Kingdom playset. tumblr_n121fobOEQ1qa2r95o1_500

The pop Pinkie’s cottage playset. tumblr_n121mp3sDm1qa2r95o1_500

A Rainbow Power twilight set. It seems to be the same mold as the new Fluttershy.tumblr_n121pg9e6f1qa2r95o1_500

“Snowglobe” ponies, clear with cutie mark glitter inside.tumblr_n121rvURRK1qa2r95o1_500

New wave of blind bags. tumblr_n121vyH8aZ1qa2r95o1_500

The wave is painted mane and tails with glitter on the body.tumblr_n121zzYKb51qa2r95o1_500

Rainbow Power ponies with a box, key and breezie.tumblr_n121x3Il4z1qa2r95o1_500

Chutes and ladders hasbro board game, with glitter blind bags being used as playing pieces. Rainbow Power branded.tumblr_n122b0eoiK1qa2r95o1_500

Pony and EqG doll RR packs. Octavia!
More RR dolls.


Octavia. Comes with a cello that’s more the size of a violin?tumblr_n122ecbfJW1qa2r95o1_500

Fashion dolls that come with 2 styles: Rarity, Sunset Shimmer and Trixie.tumblr_n1223qYmIR1qa2r95o1_500

Trixie with her ridiculous stage costume and double-necked guitar.tumblr_n1227yEA5s1qa2r95o1_500

The “singing” dolls that you can high-five.tumblr_n1260kLg7c1qa2r95o1_500

TY beanie baby ponies. The mane 6 will be the smaller size and there’s going to be some larger sizes, too.

tumblr_n1229fmsea1qa2r95o1_500Vinyl’s glasses don’t fit.



  • I have a five and a half foot tall cabinet that is _stuffed_ with MLP plush! Where am I going to put these new TY? #firstworldproblems

    The blind bags have some new molds, including some stallion pegasi! But will there be a return of glow-in-the-dark Blind Bags?

    More Queen Chrysalis merch! Before there were Bronies, there were no black or villain ponies that kids could buy. Bronies roar, suits listen.

  • Vengir

    Third photo – the girls in the middle is Adagio Dazzle. You can see her name on the box behind her.

  • Patricia Bell

    Would anyone have an estimate of value for a mint 1984 (approximate) Apple Jack still in the original packaging?