If you haven’t heard, ToysRus.com is currently having a Christmas in July sale on several brands of toys. This includes Hasbro’s products and of course for this community, the MLP products which seem to be under a Buy One Get One Free (with some restrictions). So if you’ve been looking to get some products off of ToysRus, now is a good time. I’ve quickly made a list of generally what this community would be interested in, but of course you can go to the site and use the search engine to find all the MLP products available.

  • Fett101

    Sweet. Been holding off on the Nightmare Moon set and for good reason I guess.

  • Edwin, Inventer of Classicalobilly Funk

    And it looks like I held off too long–the favorites pack is no longer on their site. :/

  • Larelle

    Can you PRETTY PLEASE get Derpy Hooves in. I would love to purchase her.
    Thank you