TrotCon announces Community Guest: HotDiggedyDemon

Guests: TrotCon is pleased to bring to you HotDiggedyDemon! You know him for his twisted and often macabre cartoons, including the notorious PONY.MOV series. Stay out of Fluttershy’s shed.

(Note: We initially announced that HotDiggedyDemon would be bringing the R-Dash 5000 to our convention to kill all of us. This was erroneous, and we apologize for any confusion this might have caused.)

We also present the intellectual brony scholar Foal Papers. If you’re on Twitter, you almost certainly have run across his name, and even if not, you might recognize him from his mythology presentation. He will be giving an updated presentation this summer, making everyone in attendance at least 20% smarter.

Livestream: Starting this coming Thursday, May 24, TrotCon will be hosting weekly livestreams. Tune in at 10 PM EST and listen to us chat with our guests, draw, and have all manner of shenanigans. (No way, we’re totally not copying BronyCon’s format!) For this coming week, we’ll have Argembarger on our stream, and we will be chatting about some of the things we have planned for the convention. Also, tune in and you’ll get a chance to win ten free metal pony pins courtesy of PinFilly/DarklyCute!

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