Two New Cards and Revised Mechanics Revealed for the MLP Collectible Card Game

News broke earlier this afternoon via Enterplay’s Facebook page and Equestria Daily about two new cards that will be premiering in the new card game set “Canterlot Nights”, as well as descriptions of new rules changes, explained below the break!

The first big piece of news is the spoiling of two new cards from the new set, which are “The Twilicane” and “Changeling Infiltrator”, shown above and below respectively.  “The Twilicane” shows off a new addition to the official rules via the keyword “retire”.  The word works as explained by Adam, one of the game’s developers, in the EQD article:

…To retire a card is to put it into your discard pile from play. It is similar to “dismiss,” but distinct in that a player always retires his own cards, usually as part of the cost of some effect…

The new card is also our first look at Unique, which means that only one copy of the card can be under your control at any time.  I guess it would be hard for a pony to hold three canes…

Changeling Infiltrator

Courtesy of Equestria Daily

“Changeling Infiltrator” also utilizes retire, allowing you to do so to flip it instantly instead of waiting a full turn like a regular troublemaker would, as well as shuffling both discard piles into their respective decks.

The final addition to the game in this spoiler comes in the form of splitting the phrase “ready” into two events:  ready and unfrighten, and Rally.  Ready used to be the term used to both flip over a frightened card and remove exhaust from a friend, but with frighten seemingly more common in this set (check out the new Luna card which has a particularly frightening effect here) this makes card text bit simpler to parse through.  Unfrightening a card is a manual action a card’s text can do, but rallying a friend is the act of paying two action tokens as normal to flip the card face up again as usual.

Next week Enterplay has plans to go over more new rules and cards for the upcoming set, so until next week,


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