Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts Continue

You will remember the announcement by Bronies for Good and the Brony Thank You Fund about their contribution to the relief efforts by Habitat for Humanity for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. From the announcement:

To participate, head on over to the Brony Thank You Fund’s eBay Giving Works page to donate directly to the fund, or to donate or bid on items that will have varying portions of proceeds allocated for disaster relief. All collected donations will be sent as an aggregate via the BTYF to Habitat for Humanity’s Disaster Response Fund. Further ways to lend support to other first response organizations can be found here.

A number of people have donated and have put up auction items, part of whose returns would go to the cause. When you scroll down to the “Shop to support us” section, you will find a number of games half of whose returns go to the BTYF and thus to Habitat for Humanity.

You should, however, give special attention to the items with the big green ribbon that says “100% to charity.” Currently, there is one such item up for bids (link mine):

This Mint to Near-Mint Series-1 gold foil Princess Celestia was signed by Nicole Oliver at Bronycon 2013. Nicole Oliver is the voice actress of Princess Celestia of the My Little Pony series and was thrilled to hear when she signed it that I was reserving this item for a charity auction. With so much damage and people in need as a result of typhoon Haiyan, I’ve decided now’s the proper time and cause. All proceeds go to Brony Thank You Fund’s fundraising to help those in need from the storm.

Happy bidding—or if auctions aren’t your thing, remember that there’s also the option to donate.

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