Well this has been one of several things talked about in the past week, the Fashion Style Derpy that had appeared on Taoboo many months ago where Derpy sold out, and then the re-appearance of the figure on Taoboo in the past week. It seems that USA Today via Whitney Matheson of the Pop Candy section got a preview of the figure. The figures are going to be available at the Hasbro booths located at the San Diego Comic-Con and the My Little Pony Fair & Convention for $19.99. It also seems if you won’t be a guest at these conventions that there will be a limited number available on the Hasbro Toy Shop online.

Inb4 another round of Plaster running through the office telling us he was right (yes, you were).


San Diego Comic-Con: July 12th through the 15th in San Diego, California

My Little Pony Fair & Convention: July 7th & 8th in Orlando, Florida

[Source: USA Today: Pop Candy Section]

  • Anonymous

    So… Muffins are canon? :flutershyyay:

  • Chromadancer

    The “source” link goes to the mylittlepony con website.

  • Anonymous

    op cant inb4

  • Alice

    I pre-ordered one on Ebay but I will buy one on the Hasbro site when they are available :3