Rainbow Dash Streaks by Leopardpawz

Earlier this evening a video on Deviant Art cropped up called “MLP – Making Raw Footage in 4 Minutes” created by an animator nicked Leopardpawz. The video itself is a 4-minute super speed run in the creation of a scene with Rainbow Dash on some clouds, but the video is a touch too quick for some people to catch any tips or tricks (download, grab video player with slow mo or step motion, …, profit???). But Leopardpawz has also said that there will be some actual detailed tutorials on this stuff; this video was just a speed run of fun.

Update 5/2: Unfortunately there was some controversy over this video, namely the way Equestria Daily presented it (in their traditional vague way). Many people including ourselves thought that the video was being claimed as something created by a member of the DHX staff, but this is untrue. It will be noted that Leopardpawz did not claim to be a member of DHX, nor did Equestria Daily.

Leopardpawz over on Deviant Art has released a really awesome time lapse video showing off the creation of a raw scene from Friendship is Magic. It’s pretty crazy how much actually goes into a single scene, and defenitly worth a watch! Head on over to his page here and check it out! —EqD

In general the phrasing “raw scene from Friendship is Magic” was probably the key point to the confusion. This is what happens in the off season, and we’re only 14 days in. I do suggest grabbing some popcorn cause this is definitely going to be an interesting summer.

You can watch the video here on Leopardpawz’s DeviantArt, or check out the embed after the page break.

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  • This looks like fan content. TVYV logos would not be created like that, it’d be applied by the network as it airs (notice how theres no TVYV logos on itunes/netflix versions of the show?)

    Plus RD was created, instead of importing the flash build of RD like the show would.

    And thirdly, they’ve said ‘Hasbro Animation’ which isn’t a thing. Hasbro Studios is a real thing though, this is just fanwork mocked up to look like the show.

  • Anonymous
  • Karel

    drunkill: he can try to visualize how will it look like with the marker, if the marker doesn’t hide something important, for example.

  • Karel

    (it’s not there in AVID)

    I would personally say that it looks very real, but who knows.

  • Karel

    From DeviantArt comments

    http://steen182.deviantart.com/ steen is an actual DHX employee that worked on MLP

    What she wrote

    ~steen182 10 hours ago Professional General Artist
    this isn’t at all how the process works in the industry.

    ~chrisls121 10 hours ago New member
    So this guy isn’t DHX staff steen182?

    ~steen182 9 hours ago Professional General Artist
    i’m not sure if they’re employed or not (so don’t quote me on it), but their description of the process is incorrect.


    …allright, this is probably fake :( sorry, I was wrong

  • Confirming, that this is all fan-made, I don’t work for DHX media, sorry if that was confusing to anyone. Im not trying to impersonate anyone from the show. Also, I’m just trying to keep my identity and work safe, which is why so many of my comments were defensive. Anyways, hope you like the video. Sorry If I came across as an asshole :/,


    • Truthfully I’d say no biggie, you never claimed you were a part of DHX Studios, nor did the EqD Article. I think the phrasing “raw footage from Friendship is Magic” is what caused the confusion, so in the end just a bad choice of words on Seth’s part. I’ve updated the article (removed your real name) and pointed out the confusion, and the fact you never claimed to be from DHX. Did enjoy the video, and can’t wait for the tutorials, people trying to figure out animation and general art enjoy those very much.

    • DCJoeDog

      How about you unblock on DA me for telling people the truth and how you erased the portal 2 wallpaper and your own comments on there. I never said anything not true.