Wave 3 blind bags hitting the US

That’s right, folks! These sightings are for the most part unconfirmed, but there have been wave 3 blind bags spotted in New Mexico and New York so far, possibly elsewhere as well. Wave 3 is the wave with colts, and it seems like they’re skipping wave 2 here in the US, although there’s no way to be totally sure of that… they could just be switching the order around.


So yeah, keep an eye out!

  • Feulner

    Wave 3 confirmed in New York! Found at a Toys R’ Us

  • kirzstryfe

    Hasbro rep confirmed wave 2 is in the warehouse ready to ship in the US during the Q&A panel at MLP Fair, with wave 3 by the end of the year.

    • Folly

      Considering wave 3 is already hitting stores here and there, the general agreement is that by wave two, they mean “the second wave to be released in the US” rather than “the second wave to be released” in general. I haven’t got a clue if by US wave 3 they mean international wave 2 or 4, though.

  • http://www.toywiz.com/mlpfriendship.html

    I go here to grab ALL the blind bags. To hell with waiting for the public releases LOL

  • What are those????